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Any alternatives of a small decent sized map?

146+ training


hiya, just wanted to get to 150 for the event and i am 4 levels away. 


my dilemma is that my computer is really laggy in large maps so i cannot train at places like mp3. 


monster park is giving me 10% per run and it is painfully slow. 


any alternatives of a small decent sized map? i have kanna to help with spawn and i tend to train solo about 10 levels higher than my level.


One... Normal Zakum


Do this twice, you'll get a big swath of experience, plus charm helmets, plus a bunch of potion drops you can sell to an NPC for a few million


Two... Sengoku


Unfortunately you can only do this for like one more day, but you can get a whole ton of experience in no time flat. Some people even spend money to buy additional tickets simply for super easy leveling.


Three... Mr. Lee's Island


You'll get TONS of trait experience and if you do all the quests you can get a HUUUUUGE amount of experience. At least half a level a day easy. Not only that but you can also get a Wilderness buff every day which is basically the best buff in the game right now. Almost as good as Onyx Apples! And 30 minutes instead of 10!


There's other ways to exploit the island too, for example find a map with a white rhino, then go back and forth until you come across a map with a robot. Now you can flip back and forth as many times as you like. Kill any mini-boss mobs that spawn and keep doing that until raptors show up. Now you can get a raptor claw, rhino horn and robot part... over and over and over and over and over... at about 3% experience gain per time. You only have an hour a day to spend on the island but it a great way to really max out experience gains.


Also be sure to get the mini-boss drops from the monkey, toad and plant monster. Then check the lightbulb icon and complete the quests for about 3% experience from each. Also do the pirate shipmate quests, which likewise give around 3% experience.


One last note, collect as many supplies as you can for ship repairs but when you go to repair DROP what you don't need on the ground... then fix the ship, then pick up what you dropped. Otherwise it'll just take everything. Likewise, once you pick it back up you can REPEAT the repair again and again and again and again. Repairing the Jet Boat is the easiest/best vehicle for doing that quest as it requires the least amount of parts and the parts are easy to get (mostly just animal oil).


Four... Commerci Runs


It is a bit of a pain having to go through the entire Tynerum quest line or whatever it's called, but eventually you'll be able to go to Commerci (I think at level 140) and once you do about half the quest line you'll be able to start doing voyages.


This is an extremely easy way to passively level to 200 over the course of a year or so, while getting awesome drops (cubic blades and cubes) as well as Denaro for buying SW accessories (which are easily sold for around 200 mill a pop).


I like to do it on three mules at a time, so about 10 runs on each a day, doing Rosa with the Grosso boss, with each mule taking about 30 minutes to complete their runs. In less than a year you should be able to reach level 200 on all three.


At lower levels (below 175) you can easily rack up around 10% to 30% a day (the lower your level the more you get). Or, if you're strong enough you can do the harder bosses/runs and get even more (although you need some maplestory mesos).




Gollux runs. Again, you have to do the whole Tynerum quest line, but once you do you can do three runs a day. Even if you can't kill any of the main parts, just killing the mobs gives TONS of easy experience as well as ambition and willpower trait experience, which you can max out your daily limit in just two runs. If you can, just doing the shoulders is nice, as you can save up a few coins a day and then in a few months you can buy some really incredible Gollux equips (mostly rings).


Comment:Any alternatives of a small decent sized map?