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Black Heaven Finale (AWESOME JOB NEXON, REALLY UPPING YOUR GAME-pun intended)

For starters, I'd like to also thank Nexon for so far listening to its players and really improving Maplestory. No longer can one see postBB Maplestory as some easy bland game. Obviously you keep it like that for lower levels and ratchet it up, as you get higher. Which is obviously why funding a character has become so important, I guess. You make it harder, but not like the toil and pain-staking work preBB made you do. Also you seem to be improving wildly in your relationship with us, the community(silently, but at least we know your there and not like greedily scheming while were in the dark- for the most part). Just wanted to say thank you for all you've guys have done so far, you're really working hard.


Which brings me to my next point. What made me truly realize this was, the fact you guys gave such an oddly huge reward for completing Black Heaven. Of course, I thought that you guys were overdoing it on the reward to get people to play the story and for the event. LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT IT WAS THE MONSTROSITY THAT IS LOTUS WAITING FOR ME AT THE END OF THE STORY. which was almost okay until I realized we have to do it ON SOLO. Then I got really happy because I saw how reasonable the health was, and how you didn't make it impossible to dodge the bombs and falling objects. I got halfway through his health on my second try, just dodging. I was cutting through his health slowly, but surely. Then it hit me, you guys put out that reward for the amount of time and work the player would have to put in just to defeat Lotus, and for the event, of course. So great job Nexon.


If anyone wants to post how they've been doing with Lotus or to thank Nexon, go ahead.Get more Maplestory 2 Mesos!


Comment:Black Heaven Finale (AWESOME JOB NEXON, REALLY UPPING YOUR GAME-pun intended)