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How do I do this maplestory part of Act 4

Don't Know What To Do, Black Heaven Act 4...


So I made it to the part in Act 4 where you have to escape the grinder, but every time I get to the part where the ship starts tilting and debris starts knocking you back to the grinder, I die without knowing what to do. I tried jumping over them but that only pushes me back faster. I kept trying and trying and the only thing that seemed to work for a short while is to just keep holding left and I get pushed up to the front again until enough debris either kills me or pushes me to the grinder. And then I thought, "OH, what if I attacked the debris?!" So I did and it almost worked until a message popped up on my screen saying, "An illegal program has been detected. Try again after re-installing.The use of illegal programs can result in a ban," or something like that. So now I'm stuck at that part in Black Heaven without knowing how to advance and too scared to try anything else out of fear of banning. How do I do this part of Act 4?

This happened to me too..seems the above posters are right..using a attack skill results on getting the messege from the maple admin. I really hope i don't get banned for could be a exploit though. Anyways I RECOMMEND not using attack maplestory 2 skill when running away from the grinder just in case.


UPDATED: Reported this under bugs section. Please, if you also have this bug/error, please type in the following link as idk if this bug will get people banned or not. Please report the issue if your having it also. Thanks! Here is the link:


Comment:How do I do this maplestory part of Act 4

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