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I cannot seem to fight the maplestory2 Boss

In order to keep it spoiler free, i will refer to the boss as "boss".


My question is this: I cannot seem to fight the Boss. This is not the level 190 one, but the regular one. Either i die too much or i run out of time? Any maplestory2 tips? My character is level 176, and class bishop.

Keep moving and try using skills that you can use quickly, not necessarily the ones which hit hardest.


You can only use the portals on the top platforms, do not try using the bottom portals, you'll just waste time. If the lasers are turning clockwise, you'll use the portal on the left. If they're turning counter-clockwise, you use the portal on the right. Do not try jumping over the core, you will not make it and will end up slamming in the direct path of the lasers.


While in the second stage, try to keep behind Lotus to avoid his wire jab. The big vertical lasers will only shoot you upward, so don't worry about them that much. When a blue ball of energy appears over his head, he's healing, attack him repeatedly and the heal will fail, but leave him be and he'll heal a lot.


Runaway mode is like the second stage on steroids; you'll follow the same rules as the second stage, but the healing ball will be red, not blue. When he starts using suction, jag-jump or teleport away from him, or he'll hit you with a wire jab. Sometimes he'll lay down a giant green device, which will prevent you from jumping, beware of this move, especially if he turns the screen dark. If you haven't weakened Lotus by this point, he'll dash off screen and the stage will go dark. During this time, panic a lot and be ready to move; he'll fire balls of energy at the screen that deal massive damage, but they do give you a very short time to see where they'll land. Try not to backtrack too much or you'll walk right into one. Be prepared to heal as a Bishop here as potions have a cooldown.


If you hit Runaway mode and die/run out of time, you'll get the opportunity to weaken Lotus (4 beams>3 beams, much weaker attacks, no dark screen on runaway, less debris, less health) by messing with the electrical wires. If you're really stuck, use that, it'll help.


Comment:I cannot seem to fight the maplestory2 Boss

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