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Mabinogi Meets MapleStory! 8/19 – 9/15

Wednesday, August 19 to Tuesday, September 15

If you enjoy MapleStory, now is the best time to check out Mabinogi! For a limited time, characters from MapleStory have made their way into Mabinogi’s Soul Stream and landed right smack dab in the middle of Erinn!


One character, named Mushmom, is in need of your help: Her baby Orange Mushroom is being fussy and wishes to do all sorts of grown-up things, but Orange Mushroom is still too small! Help Mushmom and be rewarded handsomely!


Feed the baby Mushy to make it grow big and strong. Once it’s fully grown, return it to Mushmom to be rewarded with a Mushking Empire Gift Box! Open the gift box to receive one random item, including MapleStory chairs, materials, and consumable maplestory 2 items. You can also receive the MapleStory event prefix title.

Wednesday, August 19 to Wednesday, September 9


Mushmom and King Pepe aren't the only ones making an appearance in Mabinogi. Welcome Haku, the adorable Nine-Tailed Spirit Fox who accompanies Kanna in MapleStory! Now, you can have your very own Nine-Tailed Fox who will journey the lands of Erinn by your side.


For only 9,900 NX, you can purchase an amazing Nine-Tailed Fox to fight by your side! It can also be used as a mount to travel swiftly. If you run into any trouble, there is no need to dismount: The Nine-Tailed Fox is prepared for mounted battle! The Nine-Tailed Fox is so pleased to be adopted that it comes with a gift for you. Open up your Pets Inventory and you'll find the Rainy Fox Chair! This elegant chair features a large fox happily resting at your feet.


Comment:Mabinogi Meets MapleStory! 8/19 – 9/15