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Maplestory Beefy's Kitchen Event - Complete coin guide

Everything is arranged by appliance and then by equip, use, etc, cash. The total on the left indicates how many coins you need while the stuff on the right tells you what items you need for each craft and is broken down piece by piece until you get to the bare ingredients that are purchased from the NPC.


With all of this data collected, people may be inclined to debate about "Omg a lot of these prices are ridiculous, Nexon what are you doing???" Doing so is perfectly fine but please keep it constructive. Besides making this chart for my personal benefit, I have small hopes that Nexon may review the coin issue going on. In my personal opinion, I believe some maplestory 2 items are overpriced relative to the coin drop rate. I'm no slouch either in the grinding aspect when I say this as I have already claimed my Hilla android a few days ago, capped my reward points pre-glitch and about to recap it again post-fix, and been part of many races to 200s in the past.


It is hard to say what I feel is a fair coin value right now for premium items. The pet skills I believe are actually quite fair along with the pets. Some things like the food NX weapon covers have 3 different price points for no apparent reason. Since most people will bring up cubes, in my opinion a fair price for cubes should be closer to a 1.5-2k coin value assuming no cooldown (And readjusting premium and non-premium items accordingly). Ideally, I believe it should be lowered to about 500 but the cooldown should be reduced drastically to 1-3 days. Since abusing this event with multiple characters is very difficult, Nexon should not worry about lowering the cooldown/coin values. While people may argue this event lasts for 2 months, it is not realistic to gather that many coins without purposely grinding for them. And by that point, people should spend their time doing other things that are more efficient.


Hopefully this chart will help people buy items they would like. Again, feel free to discuss the coin values but keep it constructive in hopes of Nexon reviewing it and changing the values in a future patch.


Comment:Maplestory Beefy's Kitchen Event - Complete coin guide