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Maplestory Compilation Class: One skill from everyone

If the title isn't an indication, this is a little questionaire/game thing in which you are being asked to pick one skill from each class in the game, in a sort of super-class kind of thing.


I am laying out some Rules and Limitations though...


~You MuST have at least one Attack skill, one Buff skill, and one Passive skill.

~~Attacks that modify the basic attack button, such as Demon Lash or Shikigami Haunting, count as an attack skill.

~~Short term buffs, such as Corsair's Quick Draw, Explorer Magician's Infinity, or most hyper skills, do not count as a buff.

~~Passive skills that display a buff in the upper-right screen, such as Hayato's Willow Dodge or Explorer Magician's Arcane Magic, will count as a Passive skill, not a Buff skill.

~~Buffs or Passives that modify certain attacks cannot be picked unless they have other functions.

~~Only one Shadow Partner-esque skill may be picked.


~By Default you will have a Flash Jump skill that allows for one forward jump, but you may choose to use another flash jump skill instead, with the understanding that this will be the skill you choose for that class (i.e. Cygnus Knight's jump or Aran's dash). Teleports will not count as a replacement skill.


~By default you will have one buff that increases Weapon Attack Speed by 2 stages, however you may choose to add passives or buffs with unequal additions to attack speed to further increase it.


~No KMS Blaster, KMS Revamped Aran/Evan, or JMS Dragon Warrior/Zen. Only classes that have actively been released in GMS are allowed.


~All Explorers count as separate classes, so you will need to pick from a Hero, Paladin, and Dark Knight for Warriors, and so on so forth.


~Instances of role-playing, such as SAO and Hieizan Temple, will not count.


~Damage % on attack skills will not make a difference, as you are being allowed to pick any skills from all classes.


~If a skill has hyper skills attached to it, then you may choose to apply their respective hypers to them. However, you may only do this a maximum of 5 times.


~You may choose up to one level 150 hyper, one level 170 hyper, and one level 200 hyper. This decision will not take the chosen hypers as a skill from said class.


~Skills that are from an older version of a class may be picked. Just be aware they were probably replaced for a reason...


~The following skills are completely barred from being picked:

-Aran's Polearm Boooster

-Cannoneer's Buckshot (only if a Shadow Partner skill has already been picked)

-All of Phantom's Impeccable Memory and any skill swiping.


Now, for a more descriptive thingie...


~You are compiling skills from all classes in the game. Yes, all of them. Following our rules, that is 41 classes, aka 41 skills to pick from.


~By default, you will not have any job advancements. However, you may choose to have them if desired.


~You may choose to have a certain classes unique system, such as Aran's combo count or Evan's Dragon, though some skills might act weirdly to such...


~Whether a skill is meant to be weak or strong is up to you. Just keep it within reason.






Here is a full list of every class in the game that skills may be used from...




Dark Knight

F/P Arch Mage

I/L Arch Mage


Bow Master


Night Lord


Dual Blade





Dawn Warrior

Blaze Wizard

Wind Archer

Night Walker

Thunder Breaker


Battle Mage

Wild Hunter


Demon Slayer

Demon Avenger









Angelic Buster




Beast Tamer


Pink Bean


For instance, a Celestial Roar (Angelic Buster) that only does 140% per hit, or a Soul Blade (Mihile/Old Dawn Warrior) that does 1500% with it's one hit. 


But then I decided to just go with not having any jobs unless specified. Hell, you could even go with having a skill tree system ala Beast Tamer.


It's all purely what you want to be using, not what you think would be useful, unless the two go hand-in-hand. Hell, even beginner skills are open game. Three Snails as a bossing skill is totally something anyone could say.


Honestly, maybe I should have done this when I was fully awake so that I could remember all the rules I had down in planning.


Comment:Maplestory Compilation Class: One skill from everyone