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Maplestory Familiars Remastered

This is a somewhat extensive idea to remaster familiars and make them more useful. long read.


Firstly, familiars will now have 5 tiers instead of 4: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, and Legendary. Tier will be the dominant deciding factor in drop rate, while level will be the submissive deciding factor in drop rate. Meaning that a low level Legendary could be harder to get than a high level common.

Familiar Leveling: Familiars will level up with use, at a rate 5x faster than a player levels up, and will max out at lv50-200, depending on tier (50 for common, 100 for uncommon, 135 for rare, 165 for unique, and 200 for legendary). Every 50 levels their buff will get a bit better, and every 100 levels they will gain a skill, which will be used in combat automatically as soon as its cooldown finishes. Quality of the skill is determined by tier. Familiars skills will be random. One Green Mushroom might have a different skill than another. Skills for all familiars are randomized and any fam can get any skill, but higher tier fams have a much better chance of getting higher tier skills. 5 familars (rated tier 6 Omega familiars) will have a unique skillset that will always be the same: Hilla, Magnus, Empress Cygnus, Pink Bean, False Daymio. Their lv100 skills ill be randomized, but always from the highest tier pool of skills, while their lv200 skills will be unique abilities.


-----Example lv100 skills----


Familiar Rage: Buffs itself and other familiars in the party with a 10% damage increase for 1min. Cooldown of 5min.

Familiar Fury: Increases attack speed of self by 1 for 1min. Cooldown of 5min.

Frantic Familiar: Increases number of enemies hit by each attack by 2 for 1min. Cooldown of 8min.


----Example lv200 skills----


Familiar Hitter: Increases number of attacks by 1 for 1min. Cooldown of 8min.

Familiar Team Player: Increase the duration of other skills of all familiars in party by 1min. Cooldown 10min.

Cursed Familiar: Uses half vitality to randomly apply a debuff to the next enemy/enemies hit, which lasts 2min. Cooldown of 5min.


----Omega Familiar skills----


Empress Cygnus (Empresses Call): Summon her 5 Chief Knights for 20sec. Chief Knights have the stats of their familiars, at half their max level. Cooldown of 10min.


Pink Bean (Pink Genesis): Hits all enemies on screen with a 3000% damage genesis skill. Cooldown of 5min.


Hilla (Hilla's Curse): Hits 5 random enemies on screen with Hilla's Curse, which does 25% damage over time, slows by 15%, and has a chance to blind or seal for 15sec. Cooldown of 5min.


Magnus (Tyrants Might): Buffs all other familiars attack power by 50% for 15sec. Cooldown 5min.


False Daimyo (Transformation): Takes his true for for 1min. Does 160% damage, all attacks hit 3 more enemies and have +1 number of attacks. Cooldown 8min.


----------------Familiar Improvements-----------


Familiars attack power represents its range. 200k attack power for example would be 200k range. A familiars attack power will usually be low, but high enough to be actually useful (right now its totally useless). Their likeliness to apply a debuff will also start very low and increase as they level up. For instance, a Green Mushroom might start at 1k range and 5% chance to apply a debuff, but max out at say, 6k range with a 70% chance to debuff.


----Example familiars----


False Daimyo:

Lv1 range: 45k

Lv200 range: 130k

Tier: Legendary

Familiar Level: 180 (<-- level of the enemy version and ofc the required level to use it)

Debuff: Slow

Chance lv1: 10%

Chance lv200: 100%

Number Of Enemies Hit: 5

Lv100 skill: Familiar Fury

Lv200 skill: Familiar Hitter


---------------------------------Experimental addition-----------------

This addition is not something that would kill me if i didnt see it added into the game with the rest of my idea, but i think it would balance out familiar buffs. This idea probably wont be popular to most, but hear me out:


Familiar buffs will be changed based on tier. Higher tier familiars have an increase buff while lower tiers will have weaker buffs. For example, drop rate buffs will be increased by 20% per tier. This means that the beloved Big Spiders buff to drop rate will be cut in half (down to 40%), since it is uncommon. However, a familiar like Castellan will be increased to 100% since it is Omega (shares the buff effects of Legendary). People will not like this because this will destroy the easily accessable drop rate buff the Big Spider gives. But if you ask me, an 80% drop rate buff shoulnt be so easily accessable to begin with. I want to encourage players to go for rarer, stronger familiars. It may be upsetting to no longer be able to get a godly drop effect effortlessly, but as i stated, it would be more fair if such an effect was harder to get and came on a stronger familiar.


This is my idea summed up (the minor details are not to important). I feel like this, or something along these lines will really make familiars a more interactive and useful addition to the game. Currently only a select few familiars are ever used, and barely any do even slightly decent attack (especially in reboot). Thank you for reading!


To make things even more interesting i was thinking that a familiars skill should be randomized, with higher tier fams getting higher tier skills at random. That way a familiar that might not have been very good can turn out to be great. This would also create more diversity in what familiars are being used.


but i think a randomized potential-like system would be beneficial. Bad familiars could end up with good, useful abilities. Though the same logic can be applied backwards, id rather think about the positive effects it could have. Naturally people would want higher tier familiars, which are much more likely to have higher tier skills. The randomized skills would diversify use so that everyone isnt using the exact same thing (arachnaphobia anyone?).


Keep in mind this dosnt randomize their buff. Big Spider still gives 80% drop, Eye Of Time still gives x2 Maplestory Mesos, so on and so forth. Just their skills would be random.


Comment:Maplestory Familiars Remastered