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Maplestory has pretty much helped me grow up

So, with Maplestories 10th anniversary coming up, I'd like to get into the groove up celebration with a few questions!


1: How long have you been playing Maplestory??!


3: What do you think of Maplestory?


2: How much have you spent on Maplestory!


I've been playing Maplestory since before its 1st anniversary when I was 6 (ikr). There have been moments when I've taken a break for a few weeks. But there is no denying it, Maplestory has pretty much helped me grow up, and it is, and most likely always will be in my mind, one of the greatest games created. Of course it has its flaws and it may be a bit rough around the edges at times, but its fantastic, the community is awesome! (for the most part anyways) but it can be absolutely toxic when it wants to be. As 'lame' or 'nerdy as it sounds to some of you, some of my greatest memories have been on Maplestory and it really has helped me through tough, dark times in my life. As for the financial part of things, I've spent a bit over $1000 on Maplestory. (I know -_-, I know). Anyways that's my side of things, so how about you!


A friend answer:I remember finding maple downloading and creating a character. I just got done with maple island, reached Lith Harbor and started speaking with the class statues when the game went down. It went down for a patch which was the patch that added Ludibrium. So I started sometime in 2006. 


I thought the game was amazing I never played a game like this before. It was my first MMO. Exploring every nook and cranny, getting excited finding new Maplestory 2 items. Trying to explore new content as it was released but being low leveled ran the risk of dieing and losing that 10% xp that took me so long to acquire. 

One of my fondest maple memories is Exploring with a guildie "fatherdark" Who will remain on my friends list always even though he stopped playing years ago. We Decided to reach the end of the ant tunnels in search of the fabled rog. He was a cleric and I a Page. Once we hit the ice drakes thinks got sketchy They did massive damage on us he just kept casting heal and tele porting out of the way. Then we made it to the taurospears.... Two sad tombstones quickly fell to the floor of the map.... Determined, we started out trek to the cursed alter once again. We were both at 1-4% xp now so we figured wth? dont have much to lose now. Eventually we made it after dieng several times and there he was... Jr Balrog. Okay so now what do we do? we cant kill it... So what... Attack!!!!! we lasted about 5 seconds after 2 hours trying to get there lol... 


After that we decided to walk all the way to the bottom of Eos Tower.. I remember going into the map with the block golems and thinking... What the hell are they?!?!?!? Run!!!!!!!!!! lol 


Maples was fun and exciting when it was all shiney and new. 


I also vividly remember mt first boat ride to orbis. The boat takes off and everybody goes running inside so I followed. People were popping in and out of the boat, then someone said.. lol omg their here!!! I thought... hmmm Whats here so I went to check.... What the Hell are they!!! aww **** I'mm dead.... lol 


So I thoroughly enjoyed playing maple back then. The game has evovled so much since then, To think how I would have to attack for a little in HHG then sit on my chair to regain Maplestory HP/MP cause I had no mesos for pots to now where I can run to lv 100 in no time and probably not use one pot is pretty crazy. 


I really don't know what I spent on it over the years, I would think probably around 2K Cleaning out closets and going through old shoe boxes last year I gathered all my NX and Karma coin cards I could find, I miss the old nexon cash cards with the characters on them.. I even found a few with Kart Rider on it...... Miss that game it was awesome!!! facebook app wasn't the same, any who I had 1360$ in cards I"m sure some were misplaced or thrown away over the years and I "charged" NX at times


So the good the bad and the ugly I would say my enjoyable maple experiences far out weigh the bad. There were many times I cursed the game to no end.... The white tree hill Christmas event comes to mind.... But many more "fun" times. Made some great friends I'm sure I will keep in contact with even tword the end of life and I have maple to thank for that


PS. I miss Hime!


Edit: I almost forgot That triumphant day of finally reaching level 200! That was a very cool feeling since I and 3 other guildies all did so together


Comment:Maplestory has pretty much helped me grow up