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Maplestory Project Newbie

As many of us know, maplestory is easy for characters with link skills, character cards, and even funding over time. But what about the newbies who enter this game? When they see someone the same level as them doing 1k maplestory 2 mesos damage when they only do 200 damage, what do you think is their impression? They'd want to leave because it looks overly pay to win.


But I have an idea that might help keep new people in the game without scaring them off: Project Newbie. Project Newbie is simple:


For new accounts, players will receive 3 random S-rank character cards that will randomly rotate every 24 clock hours. This system lasts until the player has at least three level 100 or above characters, or if 1 character is above level 150, as they will not need really need those cards anymore.


New players will also receive 3 randomized link skills (at level 1 max) that also rotate 24 clock hours. This will attempt to help them as they start to receive their own link skills. This system lasts until the player has unlocked 2 link skills of their own or if the player reaches level 120 on that character. Also mentioning, since link skills can't be linked manually since they are randomly given, they will be given to the first character logged on for that day.


Newbie Bounty Event (permanent event) as a daily mission, new players can partake in a hunt to take down other-world bosses and in return earn sufficient amounts of meso along the way (an average of 50k mesos per hunt). These bosses can not be touched by any player other than newbies and once the character has reached level 70 they can no longer do it on any other character. Reminder: This can only be done daily so that players can buy potions on a daily basis without begging.


New Medals & Title:


Exclusive Medal: "A Noob No More" can be obtained on any character who reaches level 60 (or 3rd job). Attack + 1, Magic Attack + 1, All Stat + 3, HP/MP + 300, Jump + 5, Speed + 10.


Exclusive Medal: "I Got This" can be obtained when reaching level 100 (4th job). Attack + 3, Magic Attack + 3, All Stat + 3, HP/MP + 300, Jump + 5, Speed + 10.


Exclusive Medal: "You Merely Grew Up As A Noob" can be obtained by old accounts only. Attack + 5, Magic Attack + 5, All Stat + 5, HP/MP + 1,000, Jump + 6, Speed + 15.


Exclusive Title: Maple Master (Permanent) can be obtained when reaching level 200. Attack + 5, All Stat + 5, HP/MP + 5,000.


Everything here (except the You Merely Grew Up As A Noob medal) is a permanent addition to the game. The You Merely Grew Up As A Noob Medal is only for those who had an account with a level 100 before this update. I wanted this to be fair to old players, since Nexon gives too many unfair freebees to new players that seem unfair to those who had to paid money for the same thing.


Comment:Maplestory Project Newbie