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Maplestory2-Mesos: Remove damage cap or raise it up to 5b damage and remove the visual 2M range

Currently, I have suggested this change and I got tell it will be becoming more pay2win. In my opinions, I have valid and solid arguments why there is a need to change this.


Right now, for unfunded and average players, there is no need to change damage cap. But for higher fund players, it is a different story.


Most players claim its becoming pay2win. It is true we need some funds to be able killing cRA bosses and especially Chaos vellum. Lotus and Dorothy require a lot more funds, these two bosses are the perfect example of being pay2win bosses, vellum is close. Let me explain why. You need absurd amount of % ignore enemy defense lines on most classes and it requires decent % boss and % ATT potentials. From my experience, working on weapon, sub and emblem are just good enough to cube with nx for these stats. The rest of equips could be improved with good scrolling and having epic and unique lines. Now, you need to find people with similar funds, regardless of classes. Of course, the class must have some DPS.


If I don't count Lotus, Dorothy and Chaos Vellum, all the rest of bosses don't require CashShop cubes if you are lucky to get most equips to Unique with in-game cubes. Because it's pretty easy to be funded enough to kill in full party. This game is not called SoloStory after all.


This game is pay2win for people who want play this game seriously, addicted to deal highest damage in game and solo everything, or almost! There are only a small amount of people doing cap damage on decent HPS (#lines per second) characters.


-When people start playing this game, they take any class they want, but if a few of them feel a need to change main character later, because of very low HPS and can afford a higher funds, they must buy platinum scisors of karma to transfer equips, which is very expensive. Plus the cost to fund a new character.


-With this current damage cap, there is almost no point of choosing a top class in DPM chart, because of the lack of average lines per second. So, this current damage cap partially kills the purpose of the DPM chart.


-From what I have seen in a video, it is almost impossible to have higher than 37k on a main stat. Have seen a video of a Wind Archer showing every equips at legendary and 15 stars, including all 4 tyrants. So this person pretty much hit the cap potential possible. We know wind archer is not in the top DPM chart, yet it can outdamage these classes on top because of this damage cap.


-With this cap damage, support classes and the ones who are in middle in DPM chart, doing around same numbers of lines as the ones on top chart or more, will deal around same damage or higher if they can fund even more, so it's a bit game broken. So there is no point of playing for RPG, or almost none, even if certain lack of mobility and dodging while attacking, but we eventually get use to this... Having great advantages for fewer spamming interruptions is also a big one, the best example here is being Paladin and Hero in comparaison (both capping).


I had thought once to reducing cap main stat, but high funded people will rage, so we don't want that. It would be the best for Nexon to remove damage cap and eventually rework some boss mechanics to promote RPG even more.


By removing damage cap, this won't be more pay2win, because there is only a very small minority who will try to reach close to the maximum potentials possible and max scrolling/enhance. Or even raise to 5billions on a line... it is technically impossible to get even close to this cap damage because there is a cap potential here, if we look at the Wind Archer example I mentionned in previous lines.


-Now, people won't have to worry which class are doing more or less lines, they will now just look at the DPM chart. So, there is no need to change class for number of lines, so no need to pay a fortune for PSoK and fund a new class.


-The chance the classes are doing same DPS at cap potential is impossible, so we are still following DPM chart, so more balance in classes at this point and everyone will gain more damage when funding very close to the max.


-Yet, the top DPM classes are dealing high DPS, but lacks of great advantages via skills, like Paladin advantage, classes with bind of can ignore DR, and more. So, people will still play on the classes they like. If they want deal higher damage, then no need to change class cuz they will still see improvement on damage.


-With this removal, more classes are welcome to join Lotus expedition, in normal AND hard mode! Also, more classes can now handle Dorothy, no need to be a specific class to solo her anymore, or at least no need to have a minimum HPS (lines per sec).


Chaos Vellum needs a nerf of it's HP, but not too low, because it is suppose to be the hardest and there is a need to find a way to defeat Dorothy as party. If I don't count these bosses, every other end-game bosses HP are fine or maybe decrease their HP by like 10-15% if you prefer. Also better mechanics should be implanted to promote RPG. But this is off-topic.


Everyone agrees the 2m-2m MS2 Mesos cap visual range needs to be removed, since very funded players can extrapolate by a lot. It would be easier to know if some equips can increase or decrease range too.


Comment:Maplestory2-Mesos: Remove damage cap or raise it up to 5b damage and remove the visual 2M range