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Raid is a pesticide for killing maplestory2 bugs

Raid is a pesticide for killing bugs. I got a solution for the bots!


Everyone is aware of these Demon Slater bots botting for Elite Bosses and fly/ vacuum all the items in the bonus stage. Bots are also used in training by some suspicious high level people or to get a HS/Kishin mule. Some low level bots such as Jetts, are used to advertise in Henesys/FM as well as Ard.


I understand GMs in charge of user abuse don't approve this and make an effort to ban these bots/lazy players using perm bans. A problem is that botters, reproduce very fast due to just the fact that have random sequences for their IGNs and all they do is loop a script with a few loops and coordinates.


To prevent bots from reproducing or have players who just won't listen, would it be wise to first install captchas to test all players. Then send those who fail 5x into "limbo-ban" (it can lead to temporary ban if it is a user with an IGN that somewhat makes sense as well as its Nexon ID and Email, otherwise bots would be banned permanently via their MAC address and Nexon ID and that user won't be able to play/bot again.) You may wonder "they can get another PC," or "They multi-client, not good enough," but this system will continue and eventually, each MAC ban would cost the person hundreds of dollars, and even if they do sell the Maplestory2 items for real currency, they would eventually lose money and stop botting.


This system may be great, but a downside would be if a player is just using hacks and is able to enter the captchas, or a pro, but ESL player plays and sets it off (this happened to me in Korean Maplestory and I was scared to play until I found out i should play in Korea's daytime.)


I hope that adding this system would benefit all the servers since bots cannot sell deflated goods, advertise sites, or benefit those who are too lazy to play.


Comment:Raid is a pesticide for killing maplestory2 bugs