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What Would You Do, If You Can Revamp the MapleStory class

Hey all, it's pretty weary and dreary on these forums lately so I thought we should do something fun.


No rules; how would you revamp your favourite class? Don't bother trying to balance the class's dps, just talk about what the skills would look like and what they would do.


I'll start with Battle Mage


I've always thought the black lightning + reaper theme didn't fit the resistance, and was pretty disappointed when the rock revamp was cancelled. Of course I didn't like everything about that revamp and I definitely don't want it back 1 for 1, but I wish we had rock fists instead of reapers and dark lighting. I'm also a big fan of the way the game used the attack animations from 1st, 2nd and 3rd job when holding down the 4th job attack.


There are a lot of things about the current Battle Mage that I really like, such as only being able to use 1 aura at a time, having life steal as a separate aura, being able to teleport into mid air, and having Sweeping Staff for quick burst damage.


What I really want to see is the return of the reaper army.



Sticking with the rock theme though they could be little golems or something instead. Being able to summon little minions was something that really drew me to Battle Mages over every other class. I was strictly against the rock revamp for the sole reason that they removed the reaper army, but then they went ahead and removed them any way in the following revamp. RIP.


Getting into the nitty gritty a bit more, I think debuff aura should be a 4th job passive which upgrades blue aura. Blue aura pretty much never gets used (except to get 100% status resist for Hard Hilla) and debuff aura only gets used on bosses with super high defense or elemental resistance so I think it'd be good to combine these two lesser used auras.


Comment:What Would You Do, If You Can Revamp the MapleStory class

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