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A List of Suggestions for A Better MapleStory

Is MapleStory a perfect mmo game now? Absolutely not, there's still room for improvement in what Nexon can do to MapleStory. But what should these improvement be? Ok, different people may have different opinions, below is my wishes:


Familiar summoning - Add option to key bind a specific familiar. Also allow to summon it after getting hit.


Sweetwater weapons&armor - Allow to use 'Platinum Scissors of Karma' to make those items tradeable for one more time.


On-screen Gadgets (maple points, kaiser ui, luminous ui, etc..) - Make the game "remember" where the player last time placed it when login.


Pets Ignore items skill - Add untradeable and events related items to the list of items.


A List of Suggestions for A Better MapleStory


Princess No - Make Princess No more accessible by removing key requirement or increasing the drop rate.


Hide player messages from chat (Mute) - Add option to when we Right-click player we be able to choose "Mute" so we won't see his messages in our chat. This specially needed because all of the Mesos sellers spam in free market.


Pendant of the Spirit - Who can stay up for 2 hours+ without disconnection or game crash? Please let it give the full potential (30% exp) from the moment we equip it.


Pets Items pouch skill - Allow us to key bind on/off.


Hard Hilla - Remove the restriction for two players or more in party to go in.


Change Equip - Make it possible to change equip after getting hit.


Remove the "Maple Points" field in the in-game inventory - KMS has it there because their Meso Market allows players to exchange Maple Points and Meso at any time, so they need to be able to keep track of how much of each they have. But for us, Maple Points rarely change, and there's no real need to see them outside of the Cash Shop.

In its place, you can put the Reward Points that are awaiting "settlement", thus getting rid of that annoying window on the bottom right of the screen.


Everything needs to stack still higher - Coins, event boxes, monster collection exploration boxes, coupons, dimension glove pieces, everything.


"%d Honor EXP obtained." -  messages should be moved to Combat tab.


Be consistent with party-making feedback - Why does "you have invited X to your party" appear as a dialog box in the middle of the screen, but "X is already in party" is just a chat line?


Allow claiming attendance rewards out of order - Why? They all expire, so I'd like to be able to claim just the one I want to use right now (provided I already got the stamp for it, of course) but leave the rest for later. Also, if I want to claim some of the rewards on one character and some on another, I'd rather not have to switch characters more than I absolutely have to.


Add commas to damage numbers - I saw that we're getting them in chat, which is nice. But damage numbers that fly around and quickly fade, and are often barely legible (because decorative skin) or overlap each other, would benefit even more from commas. I often have a hard time telling whether a number is 7, 8, or 9 digits long.


If you have any diifferent suggesions for next patch of MapleStory, leave them below, on the comment area of Maplestory2-Mesos!

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