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A plea to Nexon, from a MapleStory old player

Reposted at reddit but I believe in order to get awareness, the official forums are important too.


Warning: This is a long post, so if you can’t be bothered to read, the tl;dr is at the bottom.


Hello Maplers,

I’m here today to make a plea to Nexon regarding the permanent bans which were handed out as penalties because of the cube exploit which took place last December. I feel some of these bans do not fit the punishment especially in light of recent events.


The reason I’m writing this is, someone I knew (a good friend of mine) was banned in the aftermath of the December cube exploit. This friend was given a permanent ban despite having done nothing except come into contact with exploited items via the Free Market. As I’m sure you’re aware, after such an exploit takes place, the market is immediately flooded with exceptionally good items. Ordinarily, the exploited items would be relatively easy to spot, however this exploit took place during Miracle Time. Because of this, some items were purchased without much suspicion and it is understandable as anyone would buy strong items in a rush if they were being sold at a cheap price.


My friend was not the only one who was penalized for coming into contact with exploited items as many other players were also permanently banned for unknowingly acquiring exploited items. Most if not all of these innocent victims would never have willingly purchased these exploited items had they known of their dubious nature, especially not at the risk of their account.


For many years, my friend has put a lot of time, effort, and money into this game and has always followed the game’s Terms of Use. He would not, under any circumstances, take advantage of an exploit because of how passionate he is about the game. I strongly believe this also applies to a majority of the players who were banned for only coming into contact with illegitimate items. Several of these people have attempted to appeal their bans, but Nexon has declined all of them as they believe that everyone involved (knowingly or unknowingly) are guilty of taking part in the exploit.


A plea to Nexon, from a MapleStory old player


Eventually, my friend gave up and accepted his undeserved punishment, and came to terms with it. However, this changed when the exact same exploit took place once again (this time, on July 24th). According to many sources, July’s exploit was an exact replica of the one in December, yet when the time came out to deliver the punishments, only those individuals who performed the exploit were banned. Everyone else that came by the items were left unbanned and most if not all of the exploited items remain in circulation. Basically, a much lighter penalty was given out this time.


Given this change in Nexon’s banning protocol, my friend and others who were similarly banned and surprised by the leniency shown this time around once again attempted to appeal their punishment. However, Nexon remained adamant in their original decision. Their response to my friend’s appeal simply stated that punishments given for current exploits have no effect on bans issued in the past. This makes no sense as their original intention is to give the impression of consistency. This is just a massive double standard in their decision making. Why should people who only touched items in December remain banned while others walk free? What makes this case different compared to the exploit that took place in July? Many dedicated players who were banned have tried endlessly to get their bans lifted, but they have no way of defending themselves or making their case heard clearly given the current customer support system.


After seeing another player’s recent post about being unjustly banned (https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/...ance_possibly/), I wanted to reach out to try to help my friend out from this mess. Therefore, I’m making a plea to Nexon here to please re-examine these eight month old cases and to reconsider their decisions for my friend’s sake as well as that of everyone else who was unfairly banned last December.


tl;dr: Players were banned after the December cube exploit for the simple mistake of unknowingly coming into contact with exploited items. However, many of them failed to appeal the ban and accepted their punishment. When the same exploit occurred this July, lighter sentences were handed out, and many people who knowingly had contact with the exploited items escaped their punishment. Some players who tried to appeal their permanent ban from December failed to have their ban lifted. According to Nexon staff, past bans cannot be appealed using the new standards. This whole scenario is a massive double standard, and those who were banned unfairly should have their punishments reconsidered.


I’m writing to ask Nexon that the players who were banned in December be given further reconsideration, and that the community as a whole support these actions. Many people were unfairly banned and lost uncountable hours of effort, and money along with their accounts.


Note: I am not trying to insult Nexon with this post. I just stated the facts as they are and simply want to raise awareness.


It's something that needs to be examined and addressed if they want players to still have confidence in their ability to actually fairly police their own game because consistency is important.

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