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Allow multiple maplestory chair bags to be used simultaneously

The Pink Bean event gives out 11 titles.

10 of them have stats that expire, but the title itself remains. So if you, like me, collect the more amusing ones to display over your head as appropriate, you're in deep trouble with this one.

My setup inventory is maxed, but it's still chronically full, with untradeable event chairs and titles.

I don't want to have to drop anything to keep the Pink Bean titles.

Please do something, FAST! 


I believe that the fastest solution, one that can be implemented within the four weeks we have until the Pink Bean event ends, is to remove the restriction on number of chair and title bags one can have open.


I believe the fastest solution to implement, one that can be done with a mini-patch as simple as a bugfix, is to allow us to have multiple chair and title bags open.


Right now we are only allowed one of each bag type. Allowing an unlimited number of such bags will instantly increase the number of chairs and titles we can hold by about a factor of 8 (the 12-slot bags are a bit harder to find), and give us breathing space until a more elegant solution can be designed and implemented.


Clogged inventories definitely need to be addressed. Likr you have said before, the number of items inthe game has increased 1000 fold or more since it was released, yet our inventory sizes have stayed the same (including the base size). This obviously presents a problem.


But specifically to the problem at hand. Two solutions:


1 - Give us a title storage similar to the medal storage. Any title we have ever earned will go in the storage, and we can reissue them at any time for 100k maplestory mesos. Its obviously not a perfect solution, as it will miss any titles you have collected before it was implemented, but it will work going forward


2 - Come out with bigger chair and title bags, and give chairs their own inv tab.

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