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Demon Avenger Vs Tower of Oz

Long story short, give me better healing on potions or more fast heal skills / adding back stupid fast hits to batswarm like it was like many skills had about 15 or 20 patches back on glitch . . . now on with the long post:

Now I've tried tower of oz and I'll just say that there are some floors that are, well ... unfair to Demon Avenger's to say the least. 13F I either have to not get hit at all without lagging, or with lag and die with multiple hits due to lag, have a ruined run. Why? cause. . power elixir's only do 100k - 1 health heals and i'm 500k hp clean -_-. Solution to heal when lagging? Oh . . .just go in almost naked. Then there's 27F ... oh the lovely traps that hit you for about 30 - 35% hp if you screw up . . . again . .go in naked, however the traps can be stopped from spawning completely with a little help from the rewards points UI trick which I learned ever so late after many runs through there near naked. Then there's the dreaded 42F . . .legit second hardest floor in oz before Dorothy. Please . . . the floors already hard enough without the meteors, but then I have to go in with as much range but as little hp as possible to one shot the mobs? Really? Just for the sake of being able to heal with power elixirs or a bishop buddy (heals based on THEIR health not yours) [trust me its not feasible to try to heal every hit with vitality veil and overload release].


And then there was Dorothy ... reviewing other peoples videos of doing her post revamp and I just can't see any way that it would be possible for me to solo her without getting hit a crap ton and I don't even think its possible to kill her as Demon Avenger legit without Nether Shield healing you till the next patch when Soul Seeker and Nether shield get a fix to not go poof when a target goes bye bye before hit or invincibility frames pop up where boss has no hit box for a few milliseconds (Dorothy has these pop up A LOT). Healing without nether shield would have to be done on potions, overload release and the occasional vitality veil (only 4 hits a second or so which is sucks for keeping up much needed dps on her). Currently, I'd just be going in as near naked as I can to fight her and hope to do near cap with as little equipped as possible. . . Can't really figure her going down with non capping lines at about 9 hits a second from only speed capped execution even with the maximum legit time of 45 - 50 minutes to face her with uber luck from RNGesus and friends helping EVERYWHERE possible.



Ok . . did some calculations.. .just for arguments sake, say i'm so f***ing OP as to cap on infernal exceed (demon avenger's version of final attack at 200% damage) while near naked and cap on execution as well and have Will of Liberty up as whenever available. With the speed on execution being speed zero (I currently am at it with inner ability + decent speed infusion + green MPE potion + class buffs) I would be seeing about 11.4 hits per second from execution + Infernal Exceed as Nether Shield may as well not exist when facing Dorothy. With that speed as reference and 800 billion health used as the value for her hp, I would need a minimum of 22 minutes and 17 seconds of whacking away at her without moving. Factor in all the dodging and healing and Toto popping up needing to be killed before getting back to her? I just don't see this as being doable as Demon Avenger pre-Heroes patch unless I'm just that F***ing OP to cap on all hits near naked and go in with the max time possible



This just isn't right man ... its just not. Please Nexon, allow power elixirs and other potions to go beyond 100k heals as potion pot just ain't cutting it with a max of 10m hp healed total after blowing 11 or 12k NX to max it out considering i'm 500k HP clean. I would just love to stay that way when fighting her to keep up my range and much needed Ignore Enemy DEF to get past her 250% PDR. So please. . .BE NICE TO A DEMON AVENGER . . . THE FUNDED ONE IS RARE ENOUGH AS IT IS AND ALREADY HURTING FROM THE COOLDOWN NERF TO KMS STANDARDS.


Having a cap on power elixirs at 100k is all well and good when it comes to mobbing, but then . . .I dont ever f***ing use potions mobbing ... Only time I need to whip out them power elixirs is bossing and that's where sh*t gets all f***ed up cause its almost all %hp hits. I can deal with most bosses no potions used except if I get caught in a hat at pierre and he pops over in the red version out of nowhere to whack me to death while trapped. Chaos queen I heal well enough on vitality veil or just overload release. Places where this becomes a real issue other than the trapped situation at Pierre is magnus when you're in a situation where you should just tank the green meteors to avoid a one shot, gas or blue / purple meteor or maybe all of them at once if you're in just that tight a spot. And special maps where potions are on cooldown but you have %hp attacks coming at you hard and fast and need your range up still like in the Hyperspace cube dungeon (random rooms that may need range and a lot that don't) or 42F in oz or fighting Dorothy on 50F. Potion pot may be ok for Pierre and regular bosses where you can avoid getting hit all that much, but in Magnus, Dorothy, and Lotus, that's just not feasible to be restricted to say 20 power elixirs or 40 elixirs for normal classes as that is the situation a DA is put in with 500k HP while dealing with %hp attacks. If they cap them then problem solved. . no need to worry bout crap like this, but if they don't cap them I need better heals off potions or more skills for fast healing in these fights. In just the first THREE MINUTES of fighting Dorothy I see the hp bar of the KMS dawn warrior that soloed her go down over 40 times . . . If that was me the demon avenger using potion pot? That's be potion pot done. . . GG, GAME OVER . . . Heal your own @$$ with skills or get naked for pet heal on power elixir.

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