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Do Lie Detector Really Works in MapleStory?

Hi, guys, welcome to maplestory2-mesos, do you find that there are more and more bots in MapleStory, which will break the balance of economic systems and bring a bad influence to all players' experience in game! So I think a lie detector is really needed:


I don't know how lie detectors work, but if it's automated, it might work.

i.e. player in a training map will get a lie detector notice randomly in 10-minute periods. Say for example between 2pm to 2:30pm, there'll be three, but not exactly on the 10th minute. Could be 2:03, then 2:17, then 2:25 or something. If someone is actually actively monitoring these bots as they "work" then they'd better be fast on their fingers. If they fail - DC. The problem with this is, it's going to be a pain during 2x when servers are particularly unstable.


Do Lie Detector Really Works in MapleStory?


Another way would be to also allow players to trigger lie detectors.

i.e. Player finds a bot, right clicks and triggers the lie detector. If bot fails - DC. To prevent other players from abusing said system and using it on actual players in order to be mean, you can put a 2-step process wherein if player triggers the lie detector for Player2, player2 can put in w/e the lie detector is asking for and either return the lie detector or block the other person. They could also implement that you can only trigger the lie detector on a person once a day like fame. That way, if they're tripping, they'd better come w/ a posse. Seeing as how some training maps have a level requirement or not easy to get to w/o a rock, it could hinder trolls.


Both Revamp suggestions are under the assumption that lie detectors won't work in non-training maps.


If they don't intend to go for lie detectors and would rather just improve the current system, then my suggestion would be based on the following assumption:

That the report feature puts the name in some sort of list


My suggestion is that they tweak it to include a counter. If a player/bot is reported a counter starts. The more times the player/bot is reported, the higher on the list it goes. If possible, they can input a system wherein if a player receives x amount of reports, the system is notified the next time the character is online -- Not sure if GMs patrol 24/7 but if they do, they can prioritize these people. Or better yet, they can just set up a system wherein if player is reported x amount of times, the system auto records the players actions and saves it for review. That way the GMs can just look at the evidence when they come in or whatever.


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