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Do MapleStory Test Server Really Works?

Hey guys, welcome to maplestory2-mesos, today we are going to explore the impact of Test Server, as we all know, when there was a new update for the game, it would be released on Test Servers, and some players would be choosen randomly to test this update in advance!


The question isn't how I would feel about not being chosen. The question is what's better for the game. And I think choosing testers at random would be a mistake.


Last time we had Tespia, years ago, the testers were chosen at random. As a result, the vast majority were not interested in testing, but just in fooling around with the auto-leveling and free gear offered by the server. Another group were there to scope out exploits (and not report them to Nexon). And only a few were actually testing.

The result was a complete failure and Tespia being closed off for years.


Do MapleStory Test Server Really Works?


We do not want a repeat of that. So I hope Nexon does do some kind of "interview" before accepting people, to make sure that they know what they're signing up for. The fact that there's an NDA involved this time - a legally binding contract you have to sign with your real ID - gives me hope that Nexon is a lot more serious about player testing, this time.


TBH I don't know why everybody is so eager to get into Tespia. Well, actually, I do know. "Get to see the new content before everybody else." But that's not what Tespia needs. That's not what the game needs. And if you think about it, it's of little use to you (generic you) too. So you get to see the new content first, so what? You're not allowed to tell anybody about it. Playing it doesn't give you anything for your real account - you're going to have to play it all over again on the live servers when it's released. And meanwhile, for "testing", you might need to run through it over and over while it crashes or glitches or behaves oddly, try to figure out whether it's a bug or intended, and write out detailed bug reports galore, with screenshots and videos and stuff. Does that sound like fun? It's an actual job that want to get some mesos as reward, because a lot of it is very tedious and frustrating.


Some people want to do this job, voluntarily, for the satisfaction of knowing they've helped make the next patch not be a nightmare of bugs and unscheduled maintenances. These are the people who Nexon needs to find. Not random players who may well be useless or even malicious.


In conclusion, Test Server is not as good as Nexon think, because they choose the players randomly, so they don't know wether the choosen players could give the opinions they would ike to hear, if Nexon want Test Server to work better, they need to filter the players first!

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