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enhancements and protection maplestory2 scrolls

i am wondering about enhancements to equipment. Now you can pay to enhance but there are still enhancement scrolls. When you use enhancement scrolls, the percentage chance of working is still what is on the scroll correct? making it easier at least for superior items to enhance with scrolls, is that right? i want to enhance a tyrnat cape but im scared of it getting destroyed. I want to buy some protection scrolls and then use enhancement scrolls on it.

do the protection scrolls protect from any kind of scroll failure destruction? do they protect from the enhancements you pay for?


For tyrant equips, you would have to buy Superior Shielding Ward, which costs 6k maplestory2 nexon cash, or get two free from the rewards shop. You are able to use the superior wards from 1~7 stars with AEEs that boom, and from 8~15, you would have to use guardian scrolls and AEEs that do not boom.


I recommend using two AEEs on the cape first(100% and 90%) and then start using the superior wards to get your cape to 7 stars. The superior shielding wards do protect your cape from being destroyed if you use an AEE. However if the AEE fails, it will be used like any other scroll that fails.


Note: Never use star force on tyrants. Many, including myself have had the pain of spending billions of mesos just to get back to 1 star.

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