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How many Beefy MS Coins do you get in an hour?

Kaasoljoyyx prepared a very useful table of coin costs of all the items that can be crafted in Beefy's Kitchen.


In order to complete the picture, however, it is necessary to know how easy - or hard - coins are to get.


So this thread is for gathering statistics on that.


Please post what class and level you do your collecting on, what drop buffs you have, where you are hunting, and how many coins you end up with per hour.


I will start:


- Was leveling up a Cannoneer Burning Char from level 30 to 100 during 2x today, in various normal maps (Gold Beach, Wild Kargo, Saitie), with Kanna and Bishop support (not sure whether Bishop's Hyper skill increases drop rate for the whole party or just the Bishop?), and a Puffram pet. Made 400 coins in 3 hours.


- Level 210 Hero doing attendance at Road to Oblivion 4, with Big Spider, got 11 coins in 200 kills, about 3 minutes (yeah, Hero mobbing is fairly slow). I guess that would be 220 coins an hour, or about 160 without the Spider.


So, I first have to say that I'm collecting the coins and doing the event on a new character. I'm currently level 89 but started the event around level 40.


I didn't do any party quests except for 4 tries at Tangyoon's Cooking (aka poor man's Beefy's Kitchen haha) which equated to 4 levels and obviously no extra beefy coins. I did it so I could get a permanent chef's outfit and food medal because I wanted this character to be chef/foodie themed. And there's no way I'm going to be able to get the perm outfit and mount from Beefy's.


I gathered coins by only doing normal quests and currently have 284 coins. I have pets that loot up everything as well. I also participated in the two 2x drop and exp we've had.


Basically I'm waiting until I'm level 100ish so I can start doing the Evo lab to get an appropriate amount of coins. I hate having to try to rush on a new character just for an event though. It takes a lot of the fun out of it.


This event basically caters to people with high level accounts or players that have loads of time on their hands and not new players/new characters which is highly disappointing and not appropriate (imo) to the summer season.


I also hyped myself for this event like crazy. I was so happy to have a food themed event that said I could get chef themed equips and a permanent mount. Now I know I'll never get either of those things due to my low level and not being able to boss very well unless I spend all of my time leveling up.


edit: Now I only plan on getting the pets from this event so I guess I don't need too many coins in the grand scheme of things. It's just going to take a lot of time to get all of them. 1000 ms2 mesos is doable I think.

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