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How Reboot was supposed to be in the first place

Reboot only had easy meso farming in *our* version of Reboot, because our exclusive content allowed it. KMS has no Kishin, or Blackgate, etc. Reboot wasn't meant to have any of that stuff. Reboot was supposed to be a challenge, and Nexon America would have just been better off disabling as many non-KMS things as possible in GMS Reboot to keep it as close to what it was supposed to be as possible. This includes disabling the creation of Beast Tamer, Hayato and Kanna. It's too late for that now though, and the playerbase has the taste of blood already.


Reboot is meant to be a challenging server. Even for GMS, it was advertised as being more difficult, but the Nexon America team didn't realize how much of an effect our content would have on it apparently.


How Reboot was supposed to be in the first place


I really, really wish Nexon America would address all of this is, make it clear what Reboot is supposed to be, and pretty much tell players to suck it up or go back to normal servers. My god. Kishin will need to be nerfed come V Update anyway, because of the significant spawn a lot of the game is going to be getting. You can't have a much larger spawn density, and respawn rate AND Kishin. Well, you could I suppose, but that's just ridiculous. I've seen some gameplay of some of the Chew Chew Island maps, for example, and the spawn there is naturally absurd in some areas.


They are, in V Update, most likely this winter. It just won't affect maps like Blackgate, so you'll *ideally* have to go to maps you should be at instead.


One thing to mention about content like Blackgate, though, is that the monsters shouldn't even be dropping meso whatsoever if you're overleveled. This is how the core game works, but doesn't in places like Blackgate because non-KMS content doesn't receive any core adjustments unless they address it manually.


Reboot is meant to be difficult. If you want a much easier time then you can play the other servers. Reboot is a special server type with a unique set of rules compared to the others.


And no, it isn't "nearly impossible" to fund your character. Players just don't understand how the game works at this point because all they know is the broken GMS metagame. When you take it away they sit there scratching their heads. It's the same with guides for Maple, where for years most players follow guides to the exact letter, never realizing they could be doing other things if need be. This created issues countless times where players won't try to find an alternative map, for example, when the one mentioned in a guide is packed during 2x or something. They think nothing else exists.

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