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How to Evaluate the MapleStory Reboot Link Event

Indeed, this event needs a lot more clarification.


Currently, what we know is as follows:


How to Evaluate the MapleStory Reboot Link Event


In-game quest dialog (on the left is accepting the quest, on the right turning it in):


How to Evaluate the MapleStory Reboot Link Event


What is still unclear:



Currently, it's possible to accept the quest on an existing warrior in Reboot. If the warrior is already over level 100, it's possible to turn the quest in immediately. 

The Patch Notes say, "Available for all levels," so it seems to be intended that it work for existing characters.


On the other hand, the "Reboot New Character Event", for which the Patch Notes specifically say "New Reboot character created during the event period", is also currently available on all Reboot characters and can be completed instantly if they're high enough level. This does not seem to be intended.


Both these event quests are in the "Lightning bolt" notifier under the Star notifier. This notifier only appears once a new character is created on Reboot, but at that point it appears for all Reboot characters on the account. That seems a bit strange. If these events are intended to work for existing characters, why is it necessary to create a new character just to enable the events on the old ones?


So is doing the "Reboot Ring" on existing characters really intended? Or will the people doing this end up silently disqualified to get the ring and/or medal (or, worse, punished for "abusing" an unintended feature)? 

Also, the quest dialog pictured above seems odd. After the character chooses to complete the event, Maple Admin once again tells them they can get a ring by leveling up by October 19. Does that mean she didn't accept that character as the leveling-up one?


Do we have a week to level each class, or do we have the entire event period? The Patch Notes only say when each class opens, and the in-game dialog expressly says to level the warrior by October 19. But in that case, it seems a bit odd that we get 5 weeks to level a warrior, but only one week to level a pirate.

(Unless the use of pre-existing characters is allowed, in which case we can level the pirate already, just need to remember to accept the quest on it during the last week of the event).


The in-game dialog says the events open every 2 weeks. The Patch Notes say every week. Hopefully the in-game dialog is incorrect, because otherwise the event will end before Thieves and Pirates get their quests.





Will the ring be given to the character who leveled up, or will we get a choice?

Will the ring be available to Reboot characters or non Reboot or both?

Can a character wear two or more of these rings, or are they mutually exclusive?

What level are the rings, and can they be scrolled/enhanced/potentialed?



The medal is not mentioned in the Patch Notes at all. Is it an oversight in the notes, or a mistake in the in-game dialog? Will it be given out?

Are there any requirements for getting the medal, besides getting the five classes to 100?

Will the medal be available to claim in Reboot, non-Reboot, or both? Any restriction on characters?

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