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How to Prevent Hackers/Botters From Getting Miester Cubes As Reward?

Maplestory2-Mesos find that there are some players can get huge number of Miester Cubes when they killing the Elite Monsters in the game, but what cause all of this? Today we will discuss this:


As you you see, hackers/botters are benefiting from farming Elite Monsters which grants them rewards such as Clean Slate Scrolls, Master Craftsman/Meister Cubes, Cubic Blades, Spell Traces, etc.


How to Prevent Hackers/Botters From Getting Miester Cubes As Reward?


An easy solution to that would be to lower or completely re-haul the Elite field system where it mainly benefits training instead of Elite Boss rewards. Then supplementation into bosses and other content that can make previously worthless or good into something that people may want to do more daily.


Another solution is to up-the-game with anti-hack detection where it doesn't auto-ban but flags suspicious players for GMs to investigate. I find it absolutely pathetic that the level of hacking currently going on. Not only infecting dead abandoned areas, but even places like Arcane River.


One more solution is to permanently cripple hacking by a long-term solution to killing it off for good. An example would be to shut down hacking distributors or finding a way so the system can't be exploited through vulnerabilities with third-party tools. I've seen many different types of hacks appear and disappear throughout the years. It's quite obvious and undeniable that hacking/botting Blaze Wizards, Kinesis and Blasters are using some sort of full map attack combined with no delay attacking. So why haven't they done something about it for the past year(s)?


Every time a lot of changes negatively impact legitimates more than the cheaters themselves which are either hackers or players that control the Black Market. Removing Miester Cubes suggestion basically supports hackers and cheaters of the Black Market. It's the complete opposite of protecting the legitimate players. The maplestory 2 mesos market will be plagued by the sudden inflation of potential equipment because Meisters are removed. 


But, I find that absolutely pathetic on Nexon's part too that even if they've put their full effort, it still sadly hasn't been enough. More needs to be done if anything wants to be solved for the current hacking and Black Market situation.


Too many hackers/botters will ruin this great game, so Nexon need to do more work to protect the game! Maplestory2-Mesos can offer the maplestory 2 mesos to all players with a legal way, we will not break the balance of the game.

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