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I'd Rather See an Improvement in Non-KMS maps

Hey bros, I am your old friend, AlvaroHux, so happy to be maplestory2-mesos, and what a great pleasure it is to share this happy moment with you guys. Ok, back to the point, do you find the changes with level difference penalty in the lastest update of MapleStory? I know, there are always some players like and the others don't like, so let me talk first:


Keeping things this way is just a band-aid of the bigger issue of farming mesos in reboot (which is harder in KMS due to no kanna) it's a much better idea that they fix this issue but boost the selling worth of items like zak drops and spell trace ( and even add a good value to SW gear) to balance things out accordingly. that way all maps still yield a decent amount of mesos as well as other things offsetting the loss from farming in the cancer zones.


That I do not like seeing people suggest we keep something not in line with the rest of the game as it is now, especially as it is either an oversight or a bug, it will not help in the future as it might get fixed in the future anyway and we will still have these problems. I'd rather we get the bug or oversight fixed as well as somekind of improvement if nexon is willing to implement an alternative way to not take a big hit in mesos loss. 




Reminds me of similar incidents that have happened in the recent past where there was no negotiation before something was implemented and the effect was felt, I'd rather it be a negotiation of how to improve things overall with the fix. it's unlikely things will be as they are forever and it's not good that there is currently such heavy reliance on non-kms maps because if they get changed then it's all over, doom and gloom for GMS reboot.


Secondly all maps instead of just the non-kms maps being the center of the game, is it wrong to believe that you shouldnt be farmiing mesos in a lvl 150 map at 200+? and even then it only causes problems with other players only wanting to farm in the non- KMS zones causing KS wars and I still don't want to move to another server?, I can't see that being a good thing.


I broguht up the boss changes because that will also cause more reliance on the non-kms maps if there isnt a way to improve things overall, and now that it's getting more coverage or reports (nexon being made aware that their coppy pasting isnt effcting the non-KMS maps) nexon may change them anyway. If that happenes without any plausable counter measure GMS reboot will have a bad time, but there are some easy changes they could make to balance out the changes to non-kms maps, and I'd rather push for that than have another "resolution" that doent actually adress the problem and eventually wears off anyway (R&J anyone?)

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