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I have an amazing maplestory2 idea

Okay, so I just started playing this game a few days ago because a few people were telling me how great it was.


Not gonna lie - This game, in its current state, is BORING.

Why? The problem is that this game is a single-player game and feels like Adventure Quest. Sure, it's a game with a big world, but its 2D graphics prevents it from from having the adventurous atmosphere like the Elder Scrolls games.


The solution is simple. Make this game multiplayer. I think a lot of people here would agree with me that this game would be a lot more fun if we can share the experience with many people.I don't know if the guys over at Nexon know about this game called World of Warcraft, but it's a game where lots of people exist in a single world instead of everyone living in their own world. Playing by yourself makes that game boring like this game, but partying and going on raids is what makes the game fun. It's the community that makes the game so great. This game can have that same experience if Nexon added multiplayer to this game.


Right now, I have an archer at level 140. Wouldn't it be cool if there were a few people training with me? Instead, I'm grinding by myself. Even if it's not a party, just seeing other people passing by or training in the same area as me would make me feel so much better.

Right now, because this game is single-player, the game feels so lonely that I don't want to play it in its current state.


Anyway, I hope the guys over at Nexon listen to my advice and add multiplayer.

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