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I just bought Nexon and i wanted to know on what should i spend it

I just bought Nexon and i wanted to know on what should i spend it and how do i do it if someone can pliz help me


I believe you should have more than enough for;

Choice A; 1 permanent pet, 11 Premium Surprise Style Boxes, and 1 store permit.

Once you finish opening those boxes, explore your world's FM and check the prices for their cost.


Choice B; 1 permanent pet, 33 gachapon tickets (buy the 11x gachapon 3 times), and 1 store permit.


I believe gachapon now has a higher chance to give you something good for a few more days, making this temporarily viable for a little while.


Whichever choice you prefer would be up to you. That should get you enough money to fund your character.

What world are you in by the way?


1. For permanent pet, try the following: Shop -> Special Promotions -> Limited Time -> Stickman Pet Package

Stickman is the only permanent pet available at the moment.


2. Gachapon tickets give permanent items 90% of the time if not 100%. Accept the quest from the Maple Admin relating to powergacha, redeem 30 tickets, and get that 1 free extra ticket, accept quest again in case you want to use another 30 tickets. This is repeatable.


I cannot give you a clear answer about whether Premium Surprise Style Boxes is better than Gachapon, vice versa.


Both will always be a risk and can earn you few or a lot maplestory mesos.

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