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I think MapleStory really need some change

The issues being that customer support or bug reporting doesn't help us get issued resolved properly. So many small ones that aren't getting attention plus the major ones.


Improvements to the game so progression can be much better and for players to enjoy. Let me copy and paste a few quotes.


The main problem is how both play-styles are supported within the game. There have been many patches where it puts one up, and cuts the other one off. Key examples are Party Quests, Bosses and Training Areas. In the past few years we have seen many sorts of changes that have altered or improved those parts of the game.


There is some sort of truth that there needs to be balance, but some content did not deserve such harsh beatings to the point of being barren. Mallow256 made a good point how thoughts have changed for each player from the very beginning, so it's probably not easy to see how such pieces can fit together for old and new.


However, I do believe we need to stop being so cautious about negativity and toxicity. It will always be part of the game no matter how hard you try to change it. Changes in the past that have "patched" certain content hurt the community more than did to protect them. There is a part where we can reduce such problems. That is by supporting both play-styles of solo and party. This is done by making various content so there are more opinions in order to reduce the mentality of "the only one obvious popular spot". That is the reason why such toxicity in the community still exists even after all that patching up.


I agree in terms of instanced content for Chaos Root Abyss, that was probably a good move. I would agree with the Romeo & Juliet grind nerf was a good move. However things like Knight Stronghold, Lion King's Castle, and Alien Base got more of a harsh penalty than deserved. It's really pointless to kill off a popular area, just so that another can take it's place and just shove everyone in there. That's nowhere near of a solution.


I think MapleStory really need some change


That is why I believe we're lacking a lot in balanced variations for solo and party play.


Nowadays if you just have enough damage you solo it, and if you don't you either call up one of your buddies or forget about it. Boss rewards nowadays are pathetic in comparison to the market.


In terms of opinion, I believe both are essential. Playing around with old and releasing new content is something that needs to be worked on, just look how much the game has changed within the years of progression. If there was "no change" within the last 11 years, explain how Pre-BB and Post-BB are the same.


With the way MapleStory is right now, many people are stuck at many sorts of places for many different reasons. There are either bugs, dead content, or nearly impossible feats. 


Bugs get into patches all the time and requires reports and etc. Sure there needs to be more of bugs being looked into, but there is nothing else we can argue about that.


In terms of renewing content it either requires, "Suggestions, Feedback, and Impressions". Or a content tracker/tally to see if anyone is using it. Either that or it becomes useless chunks in the game and either gets removed or sits there for the rest of its days.


New content, no way to avoid this unless it's being delayed due to some reason. In terms of power-creep, I think it is essential for a game to continue to progress or else we'll be having some people doing the same thing every week, or reaching the same goals. Oh wait, this is already a thing. Root Abyss was released in GMS on January 15th, 2013 and Dawnveil: Demons of Tynerum (Gollux) on October 2013. Sweetwater and Absolab does not beat the CRA+Tyrant+Gollux Combo under normal conditions. This was about 2-3 years ago since the last "true" power creep. We have people doing a 2-3 year old content for end game gear, we have people grinding out of it, the market reflects this too. 


Before anyone mentions Tyrants, I believe the Cape, Belt, and Shoes came out in 2012 with Tempest. Tyrant Gloves came around August 2014 in Mark of Honor Hieizan Temple (Kritias).


But there are people who are struggling to obtain Nebulites that are [B] or [A] Rank, and people who cannot Star Force their Tyrant gear, and people who cannot Bonus Potential Cube at all. There are some people who cannot even afford Tyrant or Root Abyss gear. There are some people who quit after Lv.140-160. 


This is a big problem in terms of progression for many types of players who manage to stay for a long period of time. Both mid-game and end-game are having a hard time progressing because of such limits placed in front of them. This is why we need revamped and new content.


In my opinion, Reboot is a mask or a small step in the right direction of having a better upgrading system.


However, I still find that it needs an overhaul because who in the right mind would cube and fully enhance something less than the best that they can get? I find it absolutely insane that we can blast a full 160 Levels by just swapping out clean gear for another until Pensalir/Empress/Tyrant/Sweetwater/Gollux/Chaos Root Abyss gear and then you're working with equipment by doing said content then farming for Reward Points/Mesos solely to fight Chaos or end-game bosses.


The leveling and upgrading curve is ridiculous easy and then the scale goes off the charts. However when you reach the top there's nothing left to do. I can't put it into proper words of how to explain it, but it feels like we blast through content then grind it out till insanity for the last small portion.


I think the progression system is still problem within the game. Reboot or non-Reboot, we're both affected by said outcome.

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