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Let's see what the Patch Notes missed in MapleStory

Apparently the Limitless patch got a little ahead of themselves because in addition to implementing changes from this patch, excluding the 5th Job Advancement and the Arcane River, they also implemented changes from these two excluding their Arcane River areas.


As a result, there are undocumented changes from the Chu Chu Island patch and the Lachelein patch as well as many changes from the Vanishing Journey patch that weren't mentioned.


These changes include:


Damage Range now caps at 100 million (Good luck with that), the detailed stats UI now shows your Damage stat and your Final Damage stat, and Final Damage now counts toward your Damage Range


Status Resistance now reduces the duration of Abnormal Statuses received by a percentage and caps at 500


Defense now caps at 100k


Fighting monsters that are higher leveled than you will now induce a Final Damage penalty (2% per level in non-Reboot worlds, 10% per level starting at 10 levels higher than you in Reboot world)


Level difference affecting your EXP gained has been modified (Bosses unaffected)


Monsters can no longer dispel (i.e. remove your buffs)


Certain enemy attacks no longer bypass invincibility skills


Most monsters that were immune to binding skills are no longer immune to them, but monsters' resistance to binds after being binded now last longer


Let's see what the Patch Notes missed in MapleStory


Demon Avenger's HP gained from leveling up, advancing, investing AP, equipment, and Rage Within have been cut in half (percentage boosts are unaffected), but their primary stat now gives their damage range twice as much damage as before and their Hyper Potion Mastery's recovery multiplier has been decreased from x3 to x2, but it now applies to Elixirs and Power Elixirs


The following content no longer have a level limit:

Tangyoon’s Cooking Class

Romeo and Juliet


Nett’s Pyramid

Dimensional Crack

Pirate Davy Jones

Devil Balrog


The following content is now instanced:

Tangyoon’s Cooking Class

Horntail (Easy, Normal, and Chaos)

Hilla (Normal)

Easy Zakum


Nett’s Pyramid

Dragon Rider


Kenta in Danger

Dimension Invade


Following bosses have been added to Murgoth’s Soul Collector:

Captain Black Slime




Dragon Rider



The following skill changes have been implemented:

From the Vanishing Journey patch

Hero's Will now works on additional status effects (e.g. transformation debuff)

Summon skills now show their durations as buff icons and can be cancelled by right-clicking their icons

Binding skills' base durations have been decreased, but duration can be increased based on how much damage they deal up to +100%

I/L Archmage's Freezing Breath and Shade's Spirit Trap now deal damage

When using Roll of the Dice, if you get a 1, the cooldown for the next roll will be cut in half

Monsters hit by Shade's Soul Splitter will now resist the splitting effect for a certain period of time

Demon Slayer's Binding Darkness no longer has a DoT

Angelic Buster's Pink Pummel now travels shorter

Angelic Buster's Star Gazer now stacks with Sharp Eyes

Kinesis' Psychic Assault's DoT damage boost now has a maximum cap

From the Lachelein patch

Hero's Cry Valhalla's cooldown has been decreased to 150 seconds

Hero's Rising Rage's cast delay has been decreased

Paladin's Heaven's Hammer's cooldown has been decreased to 15 seconds

Paladin's Heaven's Hammer - Cooldown Cutter's cooldown reduction has been decreased to 30%

Bowmaster's Focused Fury's cooldown has been removed

Night Lord's Shadow Web's jump height has been decreased

Dawn Warrior has a new 4th job skill called Equinox Slash. When used, you attack and move forward a distance. Can only be used while in the air and while Equinox Cycle is active. Can be used while using other skills. Has a 6 second cooldown. This skill does not require SP and instead gets leveled up by leveling up Equinox Cycle. (This skill is a lot like Mercedes' Spirit Nimble Flight)

Dawn Warrior's Styx Crossing's attack range has been increased, its cooldown has been decreased to 30 seconds, fully charges faster, you can now flash jump while charging without cancelling the charge, and the fully charged attack now ignores Damage Reflect

Wind Archer's Monsoon's cooldown has been decreased to 30 seconds

Mihile's Charging Light's debuff now lasts 10 seconds and its cooldown has been decreased to 20 seconds

Aran's Polearm Booster's attack speed boost has been decreased to 2 stages (With this nerf, they might as well have to buff Blaze Wizard and Angelic Buster's weapon boosters from 1 stage to 2 stages)

Aran's Drain's recovery amount has been decreased to 1% of your Max HP

Aran's Cleaving Blows' damage boost has been decreased to 10%

Phantom's Mille Aiguilles' number of hits has been increased to 3


You can no longer equip multiple Tower of Oz rings and unequipping them will cancel their buffs


Magnus and Arkarium no longer use party death counts and instead use individual death counts


Chaos Root Abyss now has multiple channels


The Monster Collection now includes monsters from the Arcane River along with a new Cube Chair reward


Burning Fields now gain stages faster


Dodo, Lilynouch, and Lyka now spawn more frequently

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