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MapleStory: Nexon Employees Need Far More Training

It's always been a joke within the community that the GMs who run this game have no clue what's actually happening or give false information due to not knowing what they're actually doing, but in all honesty, this is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Because of this lack of information, when a new public hacking trainer is release and a surge of players start botting and macroing and FMAing, absolutely nothing is done for them for a very long time. This causes irreparable damage to the servers they affect, while most of it could be avoided if two things were to change:


Teach GMs about the game and the community, and change the EXTREMELY lenient ban rules to ensure hackers are properly punished for breaking ToS.


Let's start the first of the two points with a story I have of a recent encounter with online GMs. This actually happened during the Star Planet GM meetup, where GMs would play games with players on every server and just generally have a good time. When I started asking around where the Reboot GM was, one of the GMs mentioned that they also cover support on Reboot. To strike up a conversation, I started talking about Kraane and Daxi, the first level 250 players on Reboot who managed to get there in an insane amount of time - around three months after the release of the server. I asked the GM "so, what do you think of Kraane and Daxi hitting 250 as fast as they did?" and to my absolute dismay, the GM that was supposed to be taking care of our server said "I have absolutely no idea who those people are". I explained who they were, that they were incredibly popular players on the server for the time and their amazing accomplishment and they reiterated that they literally had no idea who they were.


MapleStory: Nexon Employees Need Far More Training


This tells me something extremely important right from the top - GMs have never once looked at the servers' rankings for the servers they're sent to look at. By proxy, this also means that they have no idea how to check the Dojo ranking boards in game, or how to check the Tower of Oz ranking boards. Any player who goes on any server is easily able to tell which players are hackers and which ones aren't by simply glancing over the rankings on these boards... because there's no way in hell that the 'best' classes in the game are Blaze Wizards and Kinesis and that they can clear Dojo faster than the strongest player in all of GMS can. That's legitimately impossible, but GMs would never know that.


How are we expected to trust people to be able to pinpoint and find a hacker if they don't know ANYTHING about the very server they're supposed to be keeping watch of? How can I literally walk up to a GM and try to mention the strongest players in the entire server, the server they're supposed to know enough to be able to manage and safeguard from hackers and they aren't able of using a tool that ANYONE CAN USE AT ANY TIME? There is a severe lack of knowledge and information given to the people running our game that only allows people to abuse the system more and more to their own gain, and absolutely nothing ever happens about it.


For example, since the very beginning of Reboot, the rank 1 place in Dojo has always been held by either a Blaze Wizard or Kinesis hacker. The top player in all of Reboot at one point was a Kinesis hacker named whyGH15, and despite dozens upon dozens of live chats and tickets placed against him, he was never banned. And now within the top ranks of our server, we permanently have hackers who have quit the game that were never caught and banned. Tower of Oz is always cleared by at least one hacker who blatantly uses those hacks to get times that are impossible even to the strongest players on the game, and nothing is ever done about them.


These players are never checked or watched or ever dealt with because GMs don't know how to access something as simple as rankings to find all of the people who look downright suspicious (all of those Kinesis and Blaze Wizards wearing Pensalir and Fafnir with weird names like bbohbboh or asdasdnasf who are higher than virtually every other player on the server) and investigate them on their own without being told to go look. And this is where this becomes a dual problem - GMs don't know how to look for hackers on their own. If they don't know how to access rankings, you can extrapolate that they most likely also don't know about common hacking maps, common high level training maps, farming maps, or anything of the sort. They can't find hackers because they don't know the maps they train in and they don't go searching unless something's mentioned to them directly.


This is where things get even more difficult - hackers have made workarounds to ensure that no matter what happens, they won't get caught. With a good enough auto-CC, they can vanish and never be caught since a GM will never see them directly. They'll never get the 'proof' that's currently required to ban because of these archaic rules that have been set in place in the past. Without that proof, the hackers continue to hack and continue to get away with everything they do because GMs lack the visible proof to remove them. And when they are removed? They come back a few weeks later with no ranking, making them EVEN HARDER to track and find, giving them an invisible cloak to continue hacking under. 


With these outdated tools, they can't keep up with hackers since they can be avoided so easily. And this nonsense of whispering a player to see if they're hacking... is the worst method I've ever seen in my entire life. People on my server are currently trying to get one of the most well known hackers banned, but this player remains at the computer the entire time as they bot and macro, so the moment a GM whispers them and asks 'hey, are you there?', they can reply and they get off scot free. I've reported this player personally almost seven times and nothing has been done about him. They can't find him, so they whisper him, he replies, and he's free to continue hacking again. When, in ANY other game, has WHISPERING SOMEONE been a method to check if they're hacking? How is this an actual method of trying to discern if a person is hacking or not?


And while I'm on this huge tangent about giving hackers more invisibility to continue doing what they're doing, WHY IS OFFLINE MODE A THING?! There is absolutely no reason for offline mode to exist besides being online without wanting others to see you online. It serves absolutely no other purpose besides giving people a tool to hide so they can macro or bot without being caught as easily. You can't use /find to track them when they're in offline mode, all you can do is whisper them, since whispers are still sent to a player in offline mode. But they can go and hide wherever they want unless you go through the hassle of changing to every single channel with a Hyper Teleport Rock, opening the item, typing their name in and trying to teleport to them. And in the chance they're hacking in a map like Kritias, you're unable to get to them no matter what since Kritias is a zone that can't be teleported into or teleported out of. A hacker is completely and utterly safe in Kritias because of the very way the game is built, and nothing has been done about this ever.


So, what can be done about all of these problems in order to make things even slightly better? These are the suggestions I can think of off the top of my head:


-Teach the GMs that are running our servers about the game. Teach them how the game works, let them make their own character so they get a feel of the game and how it works. Teach them about rankings, about Dojo and Tower of Oz so they know exactly what looks suspicious and what looks normal. Teach them maps that people use, maps that hackers use, important things that the entire community uses on a daily basis for both legitimate and illegitimate reasons.


-Provide GMs with better, updated tools to allow them to do their job better. To counter auto-CC, make it so that they're able to enter maps COMPLETELY unnoticed, not simply invisible (most auto-CC is able to read the variable that counts the amount of players on a map so invisibility does not work on them). Allow them to /find anyone, regardless of online or offline mode. Or better yet, REMOVE OFFLINE MODE ENTIRELY so people can't hide behind them.


-Change the rules for players who are banned from the old system to something that will work in today's version of the game. Removing players from the rankings does NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. Hackers do not care about rankings, they never have. If a player is banned, they shouldn't be removed from the ranks - doing this makes it easier for them to go unnoticed from everyone. Instead, the second chance rule should be such: first ban is removal from rankings until the character is allowed to be logged in again (3 day, 7 day, X day ban = off rankings for the duration of the ban, is placed back on the rankings after unbanned), and after two bans, it's a permanent removal from the game. For players who have already been banned twice for hacking, their accounts could be banned permanently to ensure they don't benefit from this rule change. If they've hacked twice before, 9.9 times out of 10, they're hacking again anyways. It's time to crack down on these people once and for all.


The last point is a bit more wishful than the others, but the problem still stands - they're getting away with everything because the rules have been far too lenient and the current methods of banning players are so outdated (whispering people???) that something needs to change.

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