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MapleStory: Would You Like Move to Another Server?

Hi guys, welcome to maplestory2-mesos, some players are talking about change server in MapleStory, for example, moving to Bera? Yes, there are some servers so hot in game, which has so many people, and some servers has little players.


There is no shame staying in a less populated server for new player. Even if it dwindles down to 50 active players trying bravely to fight back the nothing that is trying to consume the world. Give that doom bringing agent of the nothing a karate chop right in the wolf head for me. I am too scared of the nothing so i fled with the masses.


MapleStory: Would You Like Move to Another Server?


I know you guys are trying to come off nicely but direct about this. but understand something... most of use been thur some servers and spents years there, because of good memorys, helping others , leveling up, building friendships, losing them, and dealing with life. (of course we have ..) but again forgive my rudeness, and saying that H word, I been under heavy stress and losing 2 best friends over a major fight because I sounded controling, and questioning. 


I have trying to change my ways but those words haunts me in a way because somehow she would say that to me and it made me furious. I love this game, and am happy people sticked around for it. but I want solid proof how activity is going in Bera to move there, and sense steam isnt able to get me into game earlyer .... I am alittle stressed. (breathes heavy..) ( please next time write things down and look twice before posting I know I made my error too, but I had to show you this way so you dont come off as bad as me..) and it felt forced and oppressive in a way. 


I have been in scania for 2 years now and I worked hard to get what I needed there, I want to be around a large crowd level up, do harder content with people, and raise up levels too. I love working with people and be in active guilds, but everyone must come together to make this work and happen in this game..


I need some sode(coka-cola) and calm down. Again forgive my rudeness all of you I am usually a understanding person, and laughs too I try not to get angry so easily, just been threw alot of stress lately... and sorry for blasting Terror Streak.


I will never leave MapleStory, it's my favorite game, I have a lot of happy time with my friends, really hope that MapleStory will be better and better, and I would like to thank maplestory2-mesos for offering me loads of Maplestory 2 mesos, which really help me a lot in game.

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