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Maplestory Beast tamer unable to get Ellinel Academy starter quest from Fanzy

I've just started back in the game and decided to level up my beast tamer first. Got to lvl30 and the 'maple guide' says my next stop is Ellinel Academy so I clicked it to get ported to the portal entrance and I couldn't enter, said I had to complete quest from Fanzy (the cat) yet Fanzy just sits there staring at me blinking, no quest icon at all.


Figured it might be a level thing so leveled to 31... no quest from Fanzy. Leveled to 32, same deal, the maple guide says Ellinel Academy is the next stop but Fanzy just doesn't want to give my beast tamer the quest.


Thought it might be my maplestory2 account so leveled a shade, angelic buster, wind archer and they all had the quest waiting for them from Fanzy at lvl30.

So are beast tamers excluded from the Ellinel Academy? Or has this happened to someone else and they found a way to fix it? Just a bit confused about this.


Thanks in advanced.


I tried everything, even to the point of logging into each channel then logging out of the game then logging back into that channel then logging out then logging back into the next channel rinse repeat through all the channels at both Fanzy as well as the BT starter zone (in case a NPC offered the quest) and 100% not getting it on my BT. Since my original post I've now run through - shade, angelic buster, Zero, xenon, wind archer, aran... and all got the quest as soon as they hit 30. Nothing is prompting the starter quest from my beast tamer even though maple guide is triggered for it to be my next stop.


Having fun with my old thunder breaker now (almost at my whale hyper skill) so not worrying about my BT any time soon. Was just a very odd thing to occur.

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