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maplestory Compensation:The coins is what I'm mainly concerned about

I am assuming the game will go down for maintenance sooner or later within the next couple of hours due to the DDoS. I know you guys cannot prevent the game from DDoS all the time, but you do have control over the compensations. Last time, you guys disrespected us with 1-day Teleport rock and 15~30 coins. Although those rocks are useful, the loss of the coins is not worth 1-day teleport rock in my opinion. In a day, a player can get 50 coins from boxes and 25 from both daily quests in the Festival. Last time, I didn't get to even play the game all day because of the horrible condition the servers were in. So this time, can we please get 75 coins at least? lol 

The coins is what I'm mainly concerned about, because we can only get so much per player in a day to save up for these expensive (sorta) maplestory items in the maplestory Coin Shop. Eh, nothing more for me to add. Please give this some consideration, and thank you in advance for resolving the connectivity issue.


Edit: I was in the game while creating this thread. When I clicked on the maplestory icon on the bottom of my screen to try to resume gameplay, the game said it detected hacking? Umm.. I hope I don't get falsely banned for afking in Henesys.

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