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MapleStory Exploiters: Depends on the Degree of Exploitation

If it's built in such as the recent BFF Event or Shining Santa Boxes it's hard to justify a ban due to it being normally accessible. It's as if you're playing as normal but with a broken rate.


An example such as Hunter's Club Exploit where exiting the NPC chat early wouldn't lower your daily count I would say blocking exploiters from part-taking the rest of the event would justify as a punishment. It would be unfair in that sense due to not playing normally by manipulating functions that shouldn't cause the outcome, but it does.


Hacking exploits such as the recent skill exploit, infinite Arcane Symbols, Chu Chu Infinite Mesos exploit, or originally Frenzy Totems/Black Swordsman/Beater items in Reboot. Not only should they be blocked but accounts connected to the exploit should be permanently banned no questions asked. 


MapleStory Exploiters: Depends on the Degree of Exploitation


In my opinion, there are three main problems:

1. Content is not properly tested before release. Refer to Choco Power!, BFF event, Shining Santa Boxes. They need to work on balancing content while it's in the works, not when the events/content becomes live. Because of these errors happening time and time again this causes inconvenience and frustration for both the community and company. If that were to come into play something like the Unscheduled Maintenance and the nerf would have never happened because those "broken ratios" would have never existed in the first place


2. Exploiters are simply not being punished. Pointing back to hacking exploits in particular many of these hackers are getting away by ruining the player structure by "inflating" the standards what a regular player should be and market prices.


3. The real problems with the game are still not being solved or "under the works" in an unreasonable amount of time with little or no explanation. Certain examples such as the Event Hall and Dragon Rider Party Quest have remained bugged within the game for quite some time now. Same applies to suggestions such as Bonus Potential, Nebulites, Reboot progression, Bosses, etc. Technical Support such as Nexon Launcher, starting up the game can also fall into this category. As for what's being done can be any guess. It becomes annoying when many nerfs are being handed out but there are barely any fixes or improvements to overall game for the player.


Of course it's going to be negative. Taking an absolutely broken rate to absolute zero with nothing in return will always result in backlash. The current state of the game shows just how well it's doing, which I will quote from my previous V patch feedback:


It's a disaster.

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