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MapleStory isn't exactly in it's golden times anymore

I have been playing MapleStory for about 7 years(2010-2017) and I found that it not the MapleStory game that I first play in 2010, many things has been changed and some improvements should be done!


I wouldn't say that there's an imbalance in-between classes. In-fact it may be too balanced that they're all sort of becoming equals. At this point there's only a few handful of hero skills that makes each class unique. I wouldn't go as far as to remove classes or make a world that rejects some classes.


MapleStory isn't exactly in it's golden times anymore


I do believe though that the amount of worlds out there are too many. 8 worlds is a bit much considering the current state of the game.


In terms of Quests and Party Quest I seriously believe that they still need a desperate revamp even though they have undergone some changes. The fact that everyone trains and only does Party Quests for an item or event is extremely sad. Event Quests themselves most the time are not even that rewarding so a huge chunk of them can be avoided by today's game play. That sounds wrong and a waste of content.


I agree that the navigation is messy and there's a lot of maps. There's a lot of ways to get around though so I'm not entirely sure on ideas how to improve that. I'm not into removal of maps though.


In terms of upgrading and leveling system it is completely stupid. There may be a heck of a lot of different upgrading systems, and leveling may be easy from Level 1 to 200. The problem isn't that it's "too easy", but the fact that the difficulty of each part of the game is stupidly imbalanced. The jump between starting the game versus end-game is just absurd. At one point there goes a huge spike in what's expected in order to clear said content. I don't believe in removal and reverting back to the older leveling state and older upgrading systems, but I do believe that they definitely need to be looked into. Something is clearly wrong with that.


The economy is dead and dry not because of the lack of players. It's due to the massive amount of hacking going on for the past few years if not a century that has turned the value of maplestory 2 mesos to be dead. I believe in order for the health of the economy of the game to recover is not only by getting rid of hackers, but enabling more accessibility or balance towards supply and demand. 


A healthy economy would have a large amount of exchange within the community no matter how much each player earns in the game whether it is millions of mesos or billions of mesos. The fact that a majority of items are either hacked or obtained through NX shows that the supply will always be low and possibly monopolized while the demand may be high for wants, but there will be very few buyers due to the costs being way too dam high. That definitely needs to be changed.


As an old mapler, I really hope that MapleStory can be go on forever, so it needs more improvements and attentions, yes, MapleStory isn't exactly in it's golden times anymore, but I will not leave this game, never!

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