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MapleStory Reporting and Ticket system

Now i wonder why i would not believe it, Perhaps it stems from my countless reports that have been "Looked at" In which i get the very generic responses usually associated with your customer support. 


"Hi, thanks for your concerns we are currently looking into it" etc etc.


MapleStory Reporting and Ticket system


Only to see that the person or persons i have reported are sitting in the exact same map AND channel doing the EXACT same movements (Clearly a macro)


Which then makes me ask myself "Are reports and tickets actually getting looked into" because if they were then these persons would have been banned right? o.o Instead they are aloud to reach max level and we all know at that point rarely anything is ever done.


Just to clarify i am upset, Upset that a game i once loved to play is being run by Hackers/Botters, Upset that these hackers/botters dictate the economy, Upset that everything being done to counter these botters really only hurts legitimate players.


I once had hope for the future of this game BUT each and every day only makes it more and more clear the intentions of the company, Which is to try and squeeze every cent they possibly can out of this dying game... The most recent MVP System being evident enough.


PS: Im almost positive im not breaking any rules, Unless you'd like to categorize this as FUD then by all means "Do your job"

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