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My opinions for "selling MapleStory gear for real money"

Yes, because KS'ing people who ran their mouth about how good they're and a Shade that only hits 10mil lines can out DPS a bunch of noobs with a bad internet connection.


I never needed to hit cap because I still dominated GRAZED even though I was only hitting 10mil lines.

People would run their mouth about how I spent so much money on this game and couldn't hit cap.


Well isn't it a shame that I was only hitting 10mil lines and I punk'ed out a bunch of wanna be thugs, in a childs video game.


I can see nothing has changed in GMS still the same rude spilled brat kids, breaking the TOS and nexon let's them get away with it.


People like me KS a bunch of thugs they go into a live chat rather then submitting a ticket and GM's come a running and issue me a 1 day ban for KS'ing.


My opinions for "selling MapleStory gear for real money"


While players who sell gear and promote a cheating website in their shop permit.

I forget the rules only apply to people nexon wants them to apply them to.


Never mind the fact that players abuse the game and are given chances and they go right back into doing it again.


How can you take a company like nexon seriously?

I mean if your gonna ban my accounts for breaking the rules and when I appeal my ban and it's denied but players can sell their gear in their shops for real money and get temp ban after temp ban but players like me get blocked for billingpp.


I mean really it's been 3 days now no one has replied to my ticket I submitted looks like Nexon is back to being under staffed again.


What happens when you hire a bunch of college kids to work for you I mean really nexon.


By the way I'm not appealing a ban I submitted a ticket 3 days ago reporting players who had been promoting a cheating website using a tinyurl to where he was selling his gear.


Clearly promoting cheating websites is a permanent ban and the user is selling his gear.

The other player has the prices he is selling the gear for in real money.


Not my fault nexon GM's dunno what A/W 100/0/0/0/0 means you think it means 100mil? or 100bil no! means $100 why would anyone be selling perfect gear for 100mil.

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