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New maplestory Class Suggestion Friendstory Lotus

[This thread is open for suggestions, but there will be additions to maplestory skills later]

I had this really good idea last night after finishing Black Heaven (Spoilers) and Lotus dies. And Orchid becomes extremely sad about that (End of Spoiler) in the end and I thought about a good class idea that would also have a strong story within the game.


Weapon: Lotus will have no main hand weapon as he will cast magic on his sub weapon. Every 10 levels he will gain a free star force enchantment to his "hands" up to 15 stars (level 150). Each star gives uniquely higher stats than normal star force enchanting because his hands can not be scrolled, as they are his hands.


Main Stat: INT

Secondary Stat: Luk


Combat: Lotus will be a ranged mage with a lot of ranged attacks.


Following The Events of Black Heaven...



*In Henesys, as a normal citizen and non Black Wing member, Orchid, takes a stroll*

"It's been over a month now since the destruction of Black Heaven and the death of my brother, Lotus. I can't let them go for what they've done. I need to find an end to this..."


Suddenly, while coming close to the friend story house, a dark silhouette rushes out of the door and attempts to flee towards Orchid's direction.


"Huh?!" She said as the shadow ran towards her before being ran over and stumbled along with the shadow figure.


As Orchid opened her eyes, she couldn't believe who she had saw. It was Lotus. She was sure because it was the clearest of day. 


"L-Lotus?..." She whispered as her brother gave her a stare.

"Oh crap!" He said as he quickly leaped off her body and ran to an escape area.

"LOTUS! WAIT!" Orchid said, but he was already gone.

"This can't be real... Lotus is dead... I've watched him die with my own eyes!"

Confused and struggling to find out who that Lotus Imposter was, Orchid decided to pursue him until she found out the answer.


When you play Lotus from friendstory, you are an alternate-universe version Lotus who gets lost in Maple World. The reason you got to mapleworld was uncertain. You looked through your wardrobe, and a mystic dark force had pushed you through. You seek to find out the answers in this world and for a way to get home. When you leave the room in friendstory, you walk into Orchid and she becomes confused on what just happened, as she saw her brother for the first time since the end of Black Heaven.


As you progress through the story, you will encounter Orchid several times. At first, she seems hostile and confused as she attacks you twice, once at level 10 and again at level 30 job advancement. But as Lotus becomes level 60 and 100, Lotus explains to her about who he is. Lotus realizes that Orchid in Mapleworld is not his sister, but embraces that she exists in this world.


Orchid becomes traumatized and attached to this lotus because she misses the real Lotus a lot. At level 150, Friendstory Orchid arrives to Maplestory World (A month has passed since Lotus first arrived) and finds Lotus and Maplestory World Orchid talking. She immediately get's jealous and begins to attack Maple World Orchid, summoning Motes and the Jealousy Mote Boss, which Lotus has to destroy to unlock his active hyper skills. After the baddle, Friendstory Orchid faints and Lotus tells Maple World Orchid that he can not stay in Maple World anymore.


Happy with his experiences with Maple World Orchid, he gives her a cell phone with his number in it. When he leaves, all she has to do is call Lotus and he'd come back to her to prevent her from being lonely. FS Orchid then wakes up and apologizes for her actions and that she is sorry that MS Lotus no longer existed and feels bad. She then tells FS Lotus that he can stay as long as MS Orchid promised to not let him die like the original as well as drop by in Friendstory to visit. MS Orchid obeys and FS Orchid goes back to friendstory, and Lotus unlocks a special power (his hyper skills). And the story ends...


Skills: (damage may vary)


Link Skill: I'm Just a Clone- (Level 1): Summon a clone of yourself to deal twice as many lines (up to 14 max.) at 10% damage for 15 seconds. 90 second cooldown.

(Level 2): 15% damage for 15 seconds.

(Level 3): 20% damage for 15 seconds.

Link Skill for lotus will be changed to "TAKE ME WITH YOU!!" and will summon Orchid instead. Damage will be changed to 70% damage with no cooldown applied to Lotus only.


1st Job


Black Lightning(20 SP)- Deals lightning damage to foes, dealing splash damage with low damage.

Copious Options I(20 SP)- When hit, has 100% chance to send flying shrapnel at enemies. When attacking, has 20% chance to send flying shrapnel at enemies.

Sibling Bond I(10 SP): INT+ and LUK+

Where Am I?(10 SP): % dodge chance


2nd Job

Black Hurricane(20 SP)- Hold down to send magic bolts of lightning to attack enemies. 

Copious Options II(15 SP)- Increased damage to Copious Options I, 20% chance increased to 30% chance.

Sibling Bond II(15 SP): All Passive: INT++, LUK++, Speed+, Jump+

Retreat(10 SP): Throw a ball of dark smoke in your current area to debuff enemies with darkness for 10 seconds while teleporting in any direction by holding down a direction key before using.

Don't Touch My Sister(20 SP): Active Buff: Damage %+, Passive M.ATT+

Protective Brother: Defense +20%


3rd Job

Copious Options III(20 SP)- Increased Damage to Copious Options 1, 40% chance to activate while attacking.

Sibling Bond III (20 SP) - INT+++, LUK+++, M.ATT++

Retreat+(5 SP)- Teleport at a further distance, enemies debuffed with darkness will also take 20% more damage.

-insert skills that total to 120 SP-


4th Job

Copious Options IV (30 SP) Increased Damage to Copious Options 1, 60% chance to activate while attacking. Every 10 seconds, 1 attack will 1hko a monster (bosses take 2x damage from the attack instead).

Sibling Bond IV (30 SP) INT+++ LUK+++ M.ATT +++ Increased Dodge Chance.

Flames of Hate (30 SP)- lay a strip of black flames to burn enemies and dealing damage. If flame touches Retreat smoke, the smoke explodes, dealing splash damage to nearby foes.

-Insert More Skills that total up to 255 SP-


Hyper Maplestory Skills

150: Sibling Bond V (active) increases party member damage by 10%, increases self's damage by 30% Passive 20% boss damage.

170: My Gift To You... (active) Remove all % dodge and damage decreasing skills from party members (temporarily) and absorb all incoming damage from party members for 10 seconds while shielding them so they take no damage. Attack up to 15 monsters with extra damage based on % damage absorbed + 400% damage 8 times. 20 second cooldown.

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