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Now I have been on Maple Story for a very long time

Now I have been on Maple Story for a very long time, I have seen the changes in classes from when your only choices are the explorer classes to the recent update and maintenance with Reboot and eagerly await the new character Kinesis.

But that is not what is my problem, I'm more concerned with the rise of prices Free Market charging ridiculous prices because the shop doesn't have them. Ask yourself why, why is the shop not getting its buyers? I will grant NX is NX no matter where or how you get it but the higher the prices the less will buy. This goes for NX or Free Market buys. Say your new or only been on a month or you where on but longer ago now the meso charges seem ridiculous especially when a lot of Maple Story mesos was still in the hundred thousands.


I can work with inflation but not when you have a FM take over of your shop. Most buys are only to the people that has the Maple Story mesos so any new characters or character that's been on a while can't get a chair or android or pet and why because they aren't there. Right now its all about how much a seller can get. Now pets are still available but not all mainly the hot sellers or well liked or limited. Things like packages mostly are gone now to when I saw the FM takeover I myself stopped buying NX cause I could get them with Maple Story mesos good deal not a good deal now. Why Buy NX when you can't get what you want isn't that the point of NX to have the ability to get what isn't in FM at shop? Now it is totally reversed what isn't in the shop you will see in the FM at a high price to.


I talked to some friends about it they feel the same way I think anything bought from shop can not be traded beyond the NX buyer's account or untradeable. In the long run buyers will go away that can cause the game to go away to. I like Nexon and the games it makes. Now FM can lower the prices for bought out items from shop fair for all buyers. I am not thinking of a new char only, my main char is 161 with full Fafnir equipment and has a good amount of Maple Story mesos to back him up. I'm trying to think of all Maplers new to Vets medal wise and account wise. I probably started playing Maple Story well before 2003 I believe it was 1998 or 1999.

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