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Prepare For the World Leap Event Coming November 12

Have you been dreaming of another world? From November 12 through November 17, you can move your characters from one world to another!


As long as your character is Lv. 33 or above before the maintenance on November 12, they will be eligible to move to a new world. You can move up to six characters per world, but each character can only be moved once. Just talk to NPC Mover in the Event Hall to get started!




Can I move any of my characters?


There are a few restrictions:


Only 6 characters from each world can be moved.

Characters below Lv. 33 at the start of the event (before the maintenance on November 12) cannot move to a new world.

Characters can be moved even if you do not have an empty character slot in the world you wish to move to. However you will not be able to move a character if you have the max number of characters (36) on the desired world. You will need to delete and make room for one before you move.

If you have items stored in the Delivery Package Storage, you must retrieve them before being able to move.

Can I move my character into any world at all?


Characters cannot move into Scania because of its high population, but all other worlds are open. For merged worlds, only the main world will be displayed as an option. For example, if you wish to move to Broa/Khaini, you can only select Broa.


Here are the main worlds:


Scania - (included to clarify it’s a “main” world, but it is NOT available to transfer into for this World Leap Event.)


Broa - BK


Bellocan - MYBCKN

Demethos - GRAZED

When will my character actually be moved to the new world?


After selecting your desired world, you will be automatically disconnected from the game. Log back in, and you will automatically find yourself in the new world!


Can I cancel my character’s move if I change my mind?


The World Leap request cannot be canceled once it has been made as it happens instantly once you have selected the new world. Please think carefully when making your decision to move a character.


Will all of my character’s information move too?


Here is a detailed list of what will and will not move with your character during the World Leap event:




Your character's look and appearance will be transferred.

Face, Hair, and Skin Color

Beauty Album

General character information will be transferred.

Name, Gender, Job

Stats, HP/MP, AP/SP, EXP



Character skills will be transferred.

Phantom Skill Swipe information will be transferred.

Link Skill information will NOT be transferred.

Cash Items:


Cash Items in your character's inventory will be transferred.

Cash Items in your Cash Inventory will be transferred for all classes except for the Explorer classes.

If you move your only Explorer character to another world, you will not be able to browse your items from the Cash Inventory in the Cash Locker. You will need to create an Explorer character in the old world to browse your items in the Cash Locker.

For Explorer classes, only Cash Items in the character's inventory will be transferred. 



All items in the character's inventory will be transferred (Equip, Use, Etc, Set-up, Cash, Meso).

Inventory Slot Expansions will be transferred.

Bags will be transferred.

Item Pots will be transferred.

Bit-Cases will be transferred.

Evolution Cores will be transferred.

Androids will be transferred.

Monster book information will be transferred.

Familiars will be transferred.

Items being exchanged will NOT be transferred.

Items in the process of being traded through Hired Merchant will NOT be transferred. Be sure to recover all outstanding items before deciding to move your character.

Items in your Storage Room will NOT be transferred with the character.

Items that have not been received from the gift box notifier on the left-side of the screen will NOT be transferred with the character. Be sure to pick-up your items before deciding to move your character.

Quests & Achievements:


Quests in Progress will be transferred.

Completed Quests will be transferred.

Account Shared Quest information will NOT be transferred.

Medals earned from NPC Dalair's quests will NOT be transferred.

Periodically renewed information such as Mu Lung rankings, Donation King, and Tower of Oz information will NOT be transferred.

Guilds & Alliances:


Players belonging to a guild or alliance must leave the guild or alliance before transferring.

Guild leaders must transfer ownership of the guild and leave the guild before transferring.



Married players can transfer 24 hours after filing the divorce application.

Crush Rings and Friendship Rings must be deleted before transferring.

Talk to the Mover NPC and select the 'Delete Crush Ring and Friendship Ring' option to delete the items.

Additional details that will be transferred:


Inner Ability


Evolution System

NPC Shop Purchase Restriction


Explorer Journal

Cash items that were received as gifts

Commerce Contents Information

Potion Pots

Additional details that will NOT be transferred:


Part-Time Job information

Friends List

Guilds & Alliances

Delivery Packages

Storage Room Items

Cash Shop Cart

Hall of Honor Record for the character being moved will remain in the old world.

Will my character ranking change?


Once your character moves to its new world, this will be reflected on the character rankings on the website. Your character will appear in its new world, with an “Immigrant” tag under its name to show that it just moved there!

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