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Reduce the price of maplestory items in Dojo shop

I have to say, I like the shop I really do. It's a good idea, and some of the items in there are really awesome. But the prices they are at only encourage P2P because its so difficult for someone who doesn't pour hundreds of dollars (or thousands of hours) into this game to afford anything).


For anyone who isn't aware yet, you get 10 points for clearing each floor of dojo, and 100 bonus points for clearing every 10th floor (since there is a boss on those floors). This means that if you clear the first 10 floors you get 210 points, if you clear the first 20 floors you get 400 points etc... You can only attempt Mu lung dojo 3 times per day. Now to put in perspective for anyone who doesn't do dojo anymore, I'm a NL with ~830-850k buffed range. I can get over 900k if I buy a second pendant slot. Now, it takes me 8min, to clear the first 26 floors. Since there is a 15 min time limit on dojo (as well as an individual floor time limit that is either 90 seconds or 2 minutes), this means that I won't be able to clear floor 30 with my current range because the monsters get harder exponentially and your damage is decreased by 90%. This means, absolute most amount of dojo points I can get in 1 run is from clearing 29 floors, which is (29*10 + 100*2) = 490 points per run. If I were to do 3 runs of dojo a day, this would give me a grand total of 1,470 dojo points per day, and that is if I can even find 45 min of time to essentially waste every single day to do dojo. And with ~830k I'm above the average range in Maplestory judging from the people I talk to on a daily basis.

Ok so lets look at prices now


* The two chairs are 99,000 points each. I get it, Nexon wants the chairs to be hard to get. That's fine enough. But, at my level of funding this would take me 68 days of doing dojo to get enough points for 1 chair. That's more than 2 months to get 1 of those chairs, its 136 days total to get both chairs. For anyone with less funding, this number could skyrocket closer to 200-250 days for these 2 chairs. I think that this is a tab ridiculous. I don't personally care about the chairs, but a lot of people do collect chairs, and the prices for these two is outrageous


* Unindentified traits growth box costs 1,500 dojo points. This means that it would take me over a day to be able to afford it, and it gives you all of 30 exp to a random trait. Again, I find this number a bit ridiculous considering its trivial to gain far more than 30 exp in any of the traits if you spent 60 minutes farming that trait. You would more than max out several days worth of trait exp in that amount of time. Yet that is what is required for someone of slightly above average funding to achieve 30 trait exp. And if you happen to get an item for a trait that you've maxed then you are out of luck and out of an hour of work or more


* Scarecrow summoning sacks are 3,500 dojo points each. This would take me 3 days to acquire enough points for them. For an item whose sole purpose is to let me whack it to see what my potential dps is. Personally I think that this item should be free considering it has no purpose whatsoever in the game...... But even if we must pay for it, why restrict it like that. 


* Epic pot scroll is 15,000 points. I don't think the price is that outrageous on this one. It would take just over 10 days of farming to get it. Its actually pretty reasonable. I just find it funny that in those 10 days you have a high chance of Nexon releasing an attendance event with an epic pot scroll reward. 


* Bonus pot scroll 50% is 25,000 points. I think that this is too much. This should be no more than an epic pot scroll considering it can boom your item (50% chance to boom on failure), and it only gives rare level bonus pot. I don't see why Nexon made this so expensive when you already have to worry about also getting a protection scroll for your item.


* Unindentified belt boxes are 3,000 points each. And the equips they give you are the same ones from the old dojo, which are not that good. For those belts and gloves to be better than the ones your character already has, your character would have to struggle to get even 300 points a run, which would mean it would take them 10 runs (150 minutes) to get one of those boxes, and have the equip expire 7 days later. This is just absurd


* So gong's gloves. These are 75,000 points, and last for all of 7 days. At my level of funding this would take someone 51 days to get these gloves. Now to put that into some more perspective, a pair of well scrolled DiPQ gloves with 6% stat are stronger than the So gong's gloves, by quite a lot. 51 days of effort for a 7 day pair of gloves that is outclassed by a pair of well scrolled DiPQ gloves, which you can get in 1 day btw, and then just spell trace. Again, if you are at the point on your character where So gong's gloves are better than the ones you have, then you are earning 200 (clearing floor 19 and failing to kill Hilla on floor 20) points a run max. If your equips are that weak then you just can't kill Hilla in the time limit, and there is a really strong chance you can't kill von leon in that time limit either.


I understand that Nexon doesn't want the stuff in this shop to be too easy to get. But you have made it so hard to get that no one will bother wasting their time. I compare the cost to the points I get in a run to give some perspective to players that don't dojo. All in all, the items that are intended to help less funded players are so expensive that they will never be able to afford them (gloves, belt boxes), items that are cosmetic are simply too expensive relative to how difficult dojo was made, and the rest of the items (epic pot scroll, bonus pot scroll, spell traces, soul enchanter) in the shop are in a weird place. They were put there specifically to make it easier for players to improve their gear by playing the game, but at their prices they mainly help the players who are already very funded, which in my opinion defeats the purpose.


Nexon please take a look at the prices and adjust them accordingly. The epic pot scroll and enchanter are fine, the training tickets aren't well priced but since it is inactive training I don't have a problem if they stay the same. But the gloves, belt boxes, bonus pot scroll, medal of honor, trait item box, straw dummies all need to be looked at. For some of the items the price could stay the same if the item was changed. For instance removing the boom chance on the bonus pot scroll, having the trait item give 150-200 trait exp instead of 30, dummies and gloves being permanent items in your inventory etc...


If this was made more clear it would be extremely helpful. I still think that the price of some items, notably the gloves, are way too high. Especially if you have to rely on being ranked to get a halfway decent amount of points then all this does is further reinforce the point that this shop was implemented for the people who already spend lots of money on the game and have bought their way into being able to place high in the rankings.

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