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Suggestion - Party Quests Revamp

Hello everyone!

As we all know unfortunately MapleStory is losing it's popularity.

There are many reasons why people leave but one of the most critical reasons is because MapleStory isn't social enough as it's used to be at it's first years.

I remember myself doing PQs 24/7 as a veteran player of MapleStory. That was so fun and full of adventurers!

I can't forget how my heart rate was bumping up when the armored pig at Moon Bunny PQ was dropping items for levels 20+ so I could sell them and get like 50,000 maplestory mesos.

Let's face it today there are no useful PQs.

The only PQs that are still in use are Romeo & Juliet and Dimensional and they both got nerfed!

Additionally nobody these days even trying to complete Romeo & Juliet PQ. Just training at the Roids.

Yes It's true that PQ required a team work but sadly they're just trying to KS each other at the Roids which just making the players more selfish towards each other.


I'm here to suggest to revamp the Party Quests.

Now we face here another problem, if all of the PQs will be revamped so people will start one PQ then will move already to another PQ because leveling is easy today. So I suggest to remove the level cap of the PQs and add rewards to the PQs, the coin PQ shop isn't enough and also nobody using it, people won't even notice if it would get removed. I suggest to give each PQ it's own benefits.

Let's take an example:

Moon Bunny PQ: X EXP + X RANDOM TRAIT (like +150) + RANDOM GIFT

Save Kenta PQ: X EXP + X MS MESOS (like +750,000) + RANDOM GIFT

Goblin PQ: X EXP + X MAPLE POINTS (like +100) + RANDOM GIFT


Random gifts should be nice ones such as Clean Slate Scroll 10%, Potential Scrolls, Stamps etc..


Carnival PQ should be returned, that was the BEST party quest that I EVER saw!!!

Also improve the items that can be purchased with the Coins.


Ludi Maze PQ was awesome as well!!! should be returned!


Another thing, all of the PQs with useless rewards such as Kenta PQ, Ludi PQ etc should be changed.

Give us something useful so we'll have a reason to do the PQ.


The idea of this thing is to make even levels 200+ to start PQing. It's always nice to do PQs.

Even incase the player doesnt care about leveling he might care about the random gift or traits farming etc


Additional suggestion: Add a custom damage skin to each PQ. That would be wonderful!


I know the thread is looking kinda terrible right now but i'll edit it soon

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