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The Right Way to Play Mercedes in MapleStory

Do you guys really know how to play Mercedes in MapleStory? Do you guys want to defeat oblivion guardians in the temple of time? Do you guys know how to get your highest damageoutput? This time, maplestory2-mesos will show you some tips for your Mercedes trip in MapleStory: 
Regarding "getting destroyed":
Which potions are you using?
If the mobs hit you for 2k, and you have under 10k, then you should pot up to full HP (with a single potion) after every 2-3 hits.
I don't know what damage-mitigation skills Mercedes has, that you might be forgetting to use. You might want to cube your overall for extra second or two of invulnerability after getting hit, just to give you a bit more time between potion-chugging.
The Right Way to Play Mercedes in MapleStory
Regarding killing faster, you have two paths you can take.
1. Join a guild that can carry you through CRA, Hard Magnus, and Hell Gollux, for the best gear.
2. Work on improving your gear on your own.
Either way, even if you get help to get better equipment, you're going to have to cube and enhance it yourself, so the following applies in either case:
- Epic pot everything, don't waste cubes on anything Rare. You can get Epic Potential Scrolls from anniversary coin shop, attendance, Yu Garden dailies, elite mobs, and probably other sources I'm forgetting.
- Get cubes from your daily bosses and use them on the Epic items until they get something useful (even 3% DEX is useful). Once everything is 3%, start recubing until everything is 6%.
- Prioritize getting useful potential on your weapon, secondary, and emblem. %Attack potential on those has a much bigger effect on your damage output than %DEX potential on your armor and accessories. You want to get %ATT, %BossDamage, or %IgnoreEnemyDefense on these items. The last two are only useful for bossing, so if you're having trouble with your mobbing (like the Temple of Time enemies) I'd focus on %ATT. Lines like %Damage and %DEX, while not useless, are not particularly good for Weapon, Secondary, or Emblem.
- Get mesos to buy Red and Black cubes in the Cash Shop. Don't waste your mesos on the Master Craftsman Cubes in potion shops, they're not worth it.
How to get mesos?
Well, the most efficient way is to make a Kanna character on your account, give it a pet, and farm mesos with it (I think the current best areas are MP3 and the Ghost Ship next to it). First to cube the Kanna's gear for %Mesos, and then for transfering the mesos to your main to cube its gear.
If that sounds bad to you, you can farm mesos on your main, especially by daily bossing. Sell all the potions (except Power Elixirs, that you will use) and equipment that drops to NPCs.
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