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Why MapleStory is not popular, Nexon is dull!

Wait till you look at the "Bug Reporting" section, or the "Suggestions, Feedback, and Impressions".


When you try to forward it to Customer Support, they'll usually throw you back to the graveyard here.


"Lets just hope the things we throw at the community keeps them happy instead of actually making a proper list and fixing said problems while maintaining communication so we don't sound like we dashed out the backdoor".


Why MapleStory is not popular, Nexon is dull!


This is why Global MapleStory isn't popular for what it's serviced in. Just pushing cool updates isn't going to revive or increase the overall player-base when the game is almost quite literally unplayable with all sorts of lag, frame drop, freezes, crashes, and errors. Hardly anybody is going to do those pop-up surveys when the game crashes when people feel like critical feedback isn't being forwarded at all on the forums or customer support a majority of the time.


Reporting one bug took years for it to be recognized 3 times and then fixed. Pushing for a suggestion has even less chances. This shouldn't be the normal, but it is. This is why we have such a toxic community that simply goes onto memes about "Reboot Master Race" and "paying player scum" (on an unrelated note if people didn't buy NX and actually boycott it there's a bigger chance this game would shut down, but that's a totally different topic for a totally different day).


Like the only thing that's keeping GMS in the lead of Private Servers (note: discussion about this is allowed, but a private server name is included is not allowed) is the updated content. Everything else has met with a grade of garbage tier.

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