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WTF? Someone attempted to steal my MS account

I was reading a thread on MapleStory reddit about how someone was socially engineered (attempt to become a person they're not) by letting the victim "guess who it is". After they'll tell you about a "Free NX Event" refer to a website that's not affiliated by Nexon to "register" in order to steal your account information ID, Password and PIC. This is known as a phishing scam.


I did not expect this to happen to me, yet I already knew beforehand. I didn't want to play along so I cut it short.


WTF? Someone attempted to steal my MS account


WTF? Someone attempted to steal my MS account


I have edited the images in accordance with the Forum Rules.


Nexon Forums Code of Conduct


Reporting Abuse

- The forums are not the channel for reporting players. 

- Reporting players through the forums can be seen as harassment as it can lead to disruptive, inflammatory behavior.

If it wasn't for that thread on reddit, I had a higher chance of potentially becoming a victim of being played as a fool.


This will serve me as a reminder that I always have to be cautious when dealing with strangers. I serve this as a warning to the community to prevent more unfortunate victims to fall for this, and more fortunate victims who do not get their accounts taken away from them.

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